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  1. jdee 41
    jdee 41 cvocvo
    What are you charging for the MJ and Pippen throwbacks?
  2. SpeedforceKJ
  3. keithp5
    keithp5 dreday79
    How much for the Kobe?
  4. cdubsdad
    cdubsdad bobbyfett
    Thanks for even checking man! If you ever need anything from Dixie, Burloak, let me know 6472943681 cheers!
  5. cdubsdad
    cdubsdad bobbyfett
    Mars 90 - I know it’s a lot to ask - would you be able to pick up a 9.5 for me in the AM 90 Mars? I would compensate for time and gas etc? No worries if you can’t.
    1. bobbyfett
      Ahh! Wish you asked me earlier. I just called and they're sold out. Sorry
      Mar 16, 2019 at 6:26 PM
  6. nachobroadway
    nachobroadway Methodical Management
    Hi, I'd like to submit a request for removal of my signature
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  7. nachobroadway
    nachobroadway HellaSteph
    Hi, I'd like to submit a request for removal of my signature
  8. SlunderKingpin
    Green Crack & Fruit Punch Gatorade
  9. staffsgtdignam
  10. aNYone
  11. cdubsdad
    cdubsdad bobbyfett
    I called Nike yesterday- they said they left the warehouse and are at the shipping facility in Netherlands - he send me a confirmation email with those details - no tracking number yet. Maybe try calling?
    1. bobbyfett
      I talked to someone on chat and it did ship too
      Mar 7, 2019
  12. cdubsdad
    cdubsdad bobbyfett
    Did you check the status of your order? Just wondering because mine says preparing to ship(?)
    1. bobbyfett
      yeah, i just checked it and it says the same
      Mar 5, 2019
    2. bobbyfett
      has yours shipped?
      Mar 7, 2019
  13. tonytobacco
  14. JWhite216
    Looking for shoes in my true size, 13.5!
  15. applejacks
    applejacks Fozzy Badfeet
    Got a pair of used pg2.5’s i’ll Sell for cheap. Size 13
  16. S3NTINEL2001
    OG here, been into sneakers since the early to mid 90s
  17. Mad Master
    Mad Master Demondecko
    Hey I’ve been trying to find that Dr Pepper code. Would you happen to have it? Thank you
  18. SlunderKingpin
    Blue Dream x Chem Dawg & Ice Water
  19. tonykushfido
    Can't wait to clock out.
  20. lamont sanford
    lamont sanford stay lurkin
    Yo I’m on mobile so I can’t see signatures what’s your Xbox tag?
    1. stay lurkin
      stay lurkin
      Ohleo NR
      Feb 8, 2019
  21. imsuperthxforaskin
    imsuperthxforaskin nikef1end
    Do you have OG smurfs in a 10.5 that you might be willing to sale?
  22. SlunderKingpin
    Purple Voodoo & Ginger Ale
  23. david bowie
    david bowie Blake Emerick
    Those medium acg’s still available?
    1. Blake Emerick
      Blake Emerick
      Yeah pm me if interested, likely not getting them tailored
      Feb 6, 2019
  24. fox5kobe
    In new york
  25. fox5kobe