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  1. robpzee612
  2. rainyday
    rainyday ik_ben_groot
    Hi mate where do you locate at? ROSS selling USA Jersey now?
  3. Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    LF Air Max 1 "Tokyo Maze" 8.5 US
  4. layziegunts
    layziegunts rfitz42
    Neymar jerseyu, Ill take it off you
    1. rfitz42
      Sweet, im not really looking for much for it how much is fair to you
      Jun 15, 2019 at 2:12 AM
  5. jamminj606
    jamminj606 ultralightbeam
    Hey what’s up. Can I get the legit reflective pics please. Thanks man
  6. sole2011
  7. SlunderKingpin
    Original Glue & Ginger Lime Kombucha
  8. kingscrossing
    kingscrossing infamousbape
    you've been posting some good NB sales lately so I just wanted to ask if you've seen the 1500TGG less than $150 anywhere? Thats the cheapest I've seen them, on END right now
    1. infamousbape
      Been on the look out but haven’t found any good deals on that pair... sorry
      Jun 8, 2019
  9. sole2011
    at work chillin
  10. sdrey12
    Like MJ in the fall
  11. jaze4daze
  12. jaze4daze
    WTB: 2017 Atmos Elephant AM1 Size 9.5
  13. sole2011
  14. Nujabez
  15. TGoose
    TGoose leebuttahz
    Did your sale go through on your 11's that you were selling? I would be interested if it fell through.
  16. yungmoney757
  17. TGoose
  18. SlunderKingpin
    Purple Kush & Strawberry Kiwi Perrier
  19. urbanmiracle
    Bury me in Lo and Air Yeezys
  20. jonchilly
    jonchilly rwhit1984
    Hey bro I’m responding to your post on Kobe 11 insoles, hit up a Ross look for Kobe 9, or 10s and buy a cheap pair, Goat app or eBay search they shoes with the lunar insoles. Hope that helps.
  21. ekin702
  22. TGoose
  23. TGoose
    FS: Travis Scott SNKRS pair $750 shipped via UPS FS: AJ Infrared 6 Size 14 $225 shipped via .
  24. SlunderKingpin
    Cookie Cake Hash & Watermelon Perrier
  25. marikomorose
    marikomorose airthompson
    Hello I'm unable to post or reply on the the "Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ..." I think its because of my Harambe meme and I apologize. I didn't mean to violate any guidelines. I was just using congratulatory humor for my follow NTer recent W. May I be unbanned from the thread please?