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    Bruh...Tyga....Hair Gains....Vol. Jamie Would Be Proud

    I took a chance on a lady barber when I was young and got screwed. Never again.
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    Pyramid Schemes & MLM - 5Linx, Maleucca, Amway etc

    My guy has been sweating me for the past week about doing this. I've been avoiding even talking to him so I don't have to hear about it.
  3. big atz

    Official FUTURE A1/FBG Thread

    It's probably just a video for All bad.
  4. big atz

    Detroit Rap Thread (Payroll, Tee Grizz, Sada Baby, etc)

    True. I wanna say I read somewhere that Hbk said when Roc got killed they squashed the beef but when Soda got hit they finally just came out and publicized it.
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