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    Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

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    What about Syrio Forel who was teaching Arya how to sword fight.... He was taking out some of those Lannister guards with a wooden sword .
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    Kanye West: King of the Sunken Place, "Watch the Throne"

    "I'm not out of control, I'm just not in they control "
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    Moments That Made You Realize You’re Washed

    I count how many hours I will get sleep if I go to bed at a certain time.
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    "Racism is as American as baseball"

    I guess that dude paid for the things he got to prove that he wasn't planning on stealing. I think I would have walked out and purchased the items at some other place.That cop didn't want anything to do with the situation at Kohls SMH.....
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    Air Jordan III OG Black Cement returns Feb 2018 - Nike Air on the back

    For some reason footlocker, footaction, and champs app does not work for me. I can't verify my account because when I enter my phone number a notice pops up that says invalid or incorrect phone number.... Makes no sense. I emailed footlocker customer service and they just said to figure out if...
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    The Combat Jack Show Thread

    A waste of time with Its The Real and the Premium Pete Show have some good episodes. The Its the Real brothers can come off as corny at times. The Combat Jack Show and Juan Epstein were my favorite podcasts, they will be missed. Anyone going to the Juan Epstein live show?
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    Adidas NMD thread

    did anyone notice if a sz 7.5 or 8 was available in the multis or nude?
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    Was in line at YS then got an out of stock message
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    Adidas NMD thread

    Took an L on the raffles I entered and on looking for a 7.5 or 8 on any of the pairs that dropped.
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    How is Arbys in business?

    I like the curly fries.... The sliders are ok. I tried the jalapeno roast beef slider and the pizza slider. I would get the regular roast beef slider over the jalapeno slider because the jalapenos were soggy and not fresh.
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    **Official USMNT Soccer Thread**

    We played with no URGENCY..... I'm pissed.
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    Best Burgers in the DMV

    Proper Burger from Duke's Grocery in D.C. Caliburger DC is cool... imitation in n out burger Bobby's Burger Palace
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    Adidas TUBULAR Thread
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