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    Official Bitcoin Thread

    Disclaimer: I'm a BTC maxi so these profiles will be geared as such. Regardless though, tons of useful educational content on the shift of the economical landscape and why an alternative currency is needed now more than ever.
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    Official Bitcoin Thread

    BTC's biggest value prop isn't its convenience(or lack thereof) as a medium of exchange. Its biggest value prop is that it's decentralized and decoupled from national economies that have now more than ever shown the un-sustainability of unlimited fiat printing. The sooner society understands...
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    US Economy

    what a clown... everyone keep posting in here and ignore the other thread
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    **..:The Official Jewelry Thread Vol. 11: AFTER 12 YEARS NINJAHOOD GOT DA JESUS PIECE & CHAIN:..**

    they got some of the best prices in cali for 24k gold. i copped something off the main store a few weeks back and it was $47/gram. and they real mom n pop with it, if you don't pay by card they throw out the tax. haven't requested any customs yet though, so thats good to know.
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    :::[Official] San Francisco 49ers 2020 Season Thread - [2-3] [WK6] vs Rams SNF 10/18:::

    ...wut? kicking the XP puts us up 2 possessions, fail the 2pt and its a one poss. game
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    This ad on the bottom of the page is terrible. Takes up like 25% of the screen so I'm only able to see like 2 posts max on the screen at a time.
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    :::[Official] San Francisco 49ers 2020 Season Thread - [2-3] [WK6] vs Rams SNF 10/18:::

    Minkah :nerd::evil: get it done Lynch
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    Dave Chappelle Netflix Specials Premiere March 21st

    I disagree. I think it was more about race than anything. He was implying that a white guy with all these privileges ended up killing himself while it never crossed his "urban" friend's mind once. If it was about the detriment of women and divorce, I don't think he would've used his black friend...
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    Official Bitcoin Thread

    BlockFi looks legit
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    Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

    Are bred 1s releasing black friday? Been quiet on that front...
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    Dave Chappelle Netflix Specials Premiere March 21st

    If you hover over the special and click the down red arrow it should pop up a preview screen. From there just click on "Trailers & More" and you should be able to access the epilogue directly.
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    Official Bitcoin Thread

    Not saying it will get to 50k, but it hit 20k at a time where it was more speculative and definitely a less tangible asset than it is today.
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    Hi @Methodical Management, I would like to opt out of this test if possible. Thanks!
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    ***$$$-NT Sportsbook Thread vol.2- Props props props props props props... EVERYBODY!

    Because if he posted every single bet here before it started he wouldn’t have a 60% win rate.
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