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    Some of these smaller schools entire budget for football might come from playing a Clemson or Alabama. You take that off the board the prospects of them surviving without entire funding from a private source look really unlikely. We all know how this going to go. Administration, coaches, fans...
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    The Official 2020 NFL Offseason Thread - Jets are a pit of misery again

    Pat and his camp have been absolute geniuses with the moves he has made both on and off the field.
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    The Official 2020 NFL Offseason Thread - Jets are a pit of misery again

    Long live the reign of 15.
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    The Official 2020 NFL Offseason Thread - Jets are a pit of misery again

    I can only speak for the Lakota people living in or around Pine Ridge rez but they could care less about a sports team name that for all intensive purposes might as well be located on the moon. When you are dealing with immediate and devastating issues like below a sports teams name is trivial...
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    The Official 2020 NFL Offseason Thread - Jets are a pit of misery again

    About damn time they changed that name. While Native’s have plenty other things to worry about that name and logo is 1000% racist and should have been gone years ago.
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    Nike Space Hippie

    I don’t know what y’all expected. Soon as Nike pushed the release date and started seeding the ‘influencers’ it was over for us regular consumers. This was a test run by Nike to see what kind of interest there was. We are going to see this material and terminology more moving forward.
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    Nike Space Hippie

    They gone. Oh well. We all knew this coming. The Nike hype machine rolls on.
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    Nike Space Hippie

    01 as well. If I get em cool. If not life goes on. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we see recycled material used / featured by Nike.
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    Nike Air Baja 341

    I had that shoe when I was a kid! The removeable inner bootie / aquatic sock. Was the concept you could go hoop and then take the bootie out and hit the water? Much appreciated. I loved that shoe when I was a kid.
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    NIKE ACG thread

    for my Deschutz I went with what my dress shoe size is
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    Unless we get a Flutie style Hail Mary vaccination almost zero way this season gets played out in full especially if you believe that this **** is only going to get worse in the fall. Colleges are already having tough enough time as it controlling the spread much less in August you will have a...
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    August Alsina said Will Smith told him he could smash Jada if he wanted to...

    Willow and Jaden should turn out just fine. No mental damage done because mommy and daddy can't get things right. I have no clue why celebs, entertainers, athletes, rockstars, rappers, etc get married other than for publicity or brand enhancement.
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    The College Basketball Post

    More insight on Bates.... Half my household cheers for MSU so I got no problem cheering for them boys but after reading that article, at least my interpretation would be that college is the last option for the...
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    Man Crashes $50,000 Kia Van While Leaving Dealership

    I expect that car will end up in a used car lot or a private sale online within the next couple of months.
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    Official AUTHENTIC NBA JERSEY Post - Bringin Back the JERSEY ERA... (Info/Guide = Page 1)

    I am always impressed to see you guys finding size 40 and 44s from the jersey era. I didn't even know those sizes existed during that time. Great last couple of jerseys being posted especially that Nets Carter.
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