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Dec 9, 1999
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Dec 18, 2018 at 11:58 AM
    1. blakep267
      Sorry bout that
    2. compa sneakers
      compa sneakers
      Why did I get banned from the off white thread they were calling me bozo I never called him any name fix urban please
    3. 1rad
      been a memeber since 2005, i would like to know how i can get my old account back.
      1. Methodical Management
        Methodical Management
        If it's still in the system, we'll do our best to help. You're welcome to PM me with your old username or submit a support request here:
        May 31, 2018
    4. Crude_
      I’m aware that I’m a new guy here, but I’m not sure why a mod has to confirm my posts every time I post here? Also not being able to post in general until after a month is a bit of a buzzkill, because there are some noteworthy threads in that section of this forum. I do understand you’re trying to cut down on undesirables based on reading information that I could already find, but is there not a work around?
      1. Methodical Management
        Methodical Management
        The restrictions you're describing help us protect our fellow community members from spam and harassment. Once an account becomes trusted, you'll be able to post to the General forum and your posts will no longer be held for moderator approval. As much as we'd like to offer a seamless experience for new users, we hope you'll feel like the short term frustration is a worthy trade for long-term benefits they provide.
        May 30, 2018
    5. trahe100606
      Can you please allow me to post on the classified thread, ive sold here since 2010 i have the pics to prove it. Idk why my post count was deleted, but can you give me the ability to post. Thanks
    6. 160jordansdeep
      I wanted to wait until the new board was up a few weeks before I asked you
      is it not possible to get the team member banner under my screen name Like I had under the other message boards
    7. trahe100606
      Good afternoon, i was wondering why my posting privileges have been revoked? I have bought and sold in the classified forums many times, with the new forum platform i cannot post. can you help me out? I've been a member since 2010 or 2011. thanks
    8. djkaos2345
      Meth. Can you please help me access my account. This is a backup I created. My screen name on my account is djkaos23. I'm locked out and cant reset the password because the email on the account is old and don't exist. Or can you lead me in the right direction. My current email is [email protected] again my account I'm trying to access is djkaos23
    9. mazandmoz
      Hi this is a long shot I'm a retailer selling branded trainers,I've been trying to find the place that is selling trainers in boxes with the pics cut of,I'm sure it's Birmingham,I've tried most of the retail sites but can find them,does anyone e on here have any idea were I can buy these or were the place is,they sell Nike and Adidas at cheap wholesale prices,thanks look forward to any replys
    10. s2k77
      Hi all I'm new to nike talk can anyone give me any info on how to post pics? Thanks guys
    11. toby drinkwater
      toby drinkwater
      Tryin to find a place tha has nike duckboot but cant seem to find anywhere can someone help me
    12. elphaba
      hi im just new here im from calgary canada can anyone help me where can i buy airmax zero tnx
    13. bristol125
    14. bristol125
      How do I make a post to find out name of. Pair if nike shoes
    15. teekay2014
      Hi..I have a pair of 2009 Air jordans 343084-163 and wanted to know how to tell if they are the real deal? any advice is appreciated!Thanks!
    16. mrbadboy
      im new to this site, and how to pose a thread ?
    17. jordanspike
      I am throwing a sneaker show next monhs do you know any aveune that i can get upcoming sneaker for the show
    18. samorales
      who can tell if foamposites are real or fake?
    19. mrrolex
      Wow.. .VVV
    20. pure
      does Champs sell fake shoes?
    21. justin rainone
      justin rainone
      how to kobe dart frogs fit.???
    22. da1chozen
      i need the jordan olympic size 8.5 do you know i can get a pair
    23. tcdon
      Is there anyway to change my screen name??? I would like to use my first name if possible
    24. double e
      double e
      Hey I can't reply since I have a 2 pm limit per day?? I would like to import my old name. I followed the link you send. What's next? Thanks
    25. kingofkicks911
      Can u tell me if the columbia 11 r comin out this year
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