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    When's the last time you read a book?

    Last book I read was probably Island of the Blue Dolphins about 19 years ago
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    No Fap November

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    I bet you did all of these as a kid

    Used to play GameBoy during class when we had desks like this
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    What makes you happy? Vol. it’s not money don’t cap

    When my prop bets hit
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    NT Hacked??

    Anyone check that link for DVD quality Joker?? :nerd: :lol:
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    Gas stations are crazy busy right now
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    The Fishing Thread, ANY ANGLERS ON NT ?!

    Almost caught this dude right in his butt hole. On a frog
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    So StockX got hacked

    This is ****ed up, but damn they out here upgrading accounts to premium and **** :lol: So far no more attempts at any of my accounts, but still got my eyes open :nerd::nerd::nerd:
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    Sup famb - Vol: 30

    HBD :pimp::nthat:
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    So StockX got hacked

    They tried my Apple ID, eBay, probably some other **** too smh. I’m out of the country now so I thought it was some overseas hacker **** going on like I logged into some bad WiFi :lol: Bout to change all my passwords up when I get back, gonna be a hassle..
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    So StockX got hacked

    Same :smh:
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    First Paypal Disupute, here we go NT wolves.

    Jack Tup strikes again? :nerd: :lol:
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    **..:The Official Jewelry Thread Vol. 11: AFTER 12 YEARS NINJAHOOD GOT DA JESUS PIECE & CHAIN:..**

    eBay, Amazon Goldenmine, Sarraf, TraxNYC, Jacoje
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