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    Die a hero or live long enough to make a *Hey NT FAM ..." thread . VOL: LOAN MY SOLE

    Y eta vaina manito? Tu ta pasao. Dique rentando tenis con bajo a sicote. Palomilla
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    Do you think any modern American cars will be considered “classic” in 40 years?

    any kia or nissan altima. I mean cmon. They are beautiful. I think the gtr and r-8 will be Fire classic. Also m4. But they joint have to be discontinued. The exclusivity feeds that allure.
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    NY Attorney General seeks to shut down NRA

    Will this be politicized?
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    COD : WARZONE anyone playing?

    Stadium is lit. Not enough money in plunder though. These Rando’s was avoiding that staduim smoke like the plague.
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    Explosion in Beirut

    Prayers to those affected. Surreal almost. wonder how many weirdos will see jesus in that cloud or some other conspiracy ****.
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    Trump bans TikTok

    Suppression of 1st amendment by da duff should be news. But there layers to this if true. Geopolitics at play. Microsoft pockets/power. Privacy and espionage by china.
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    Dascha on the summerjam screen

    Im hispanic and hate **** like this. We cant expect the black american collective to fight our battles for us. We benefit enough from prior battles where many of us stood idle or played dumb on some model minority ****. let others shine in peace. And let that **** serve as...
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    Who sits in the front seat of the car, your mother or your wife?

    Mom dukes. Wifey dont even fret or care. you would think to keep elders in the back in case if an accident. But they like that seat. That pride.
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    *** Anyone else have ‘weird’ neighbors??? ***

    quarters waters in nyc. joints raised us. That and tropical fantasy.
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    *** Anyone else have ‘weird’ neighbors??? ***

    You sound the like the annoying one op if you go over there to “bother” them, whatever that means. i liKe neighborhoods who will just let me know if the house is on fire. Ill do the favor in return. Anything more is criminal. And dont speak to my kids either., they dont know you like that.
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    That colander had him heated. hes right. The hell Is wrong with that woman.
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    Hide Ya Wives, Hide Ya Kids: Worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic!

    I have a problem with articles posted a page or two ago where the byline states a person died of covid-19 synptoms yet the article stated no conclusion has been made by examiners yet covid-19 symptoms can arise from other Issues sometimes coming in all once. And while i think covid is a real...
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    OFFICIAL NBA 2K20 Thread || Available Now

    Will try. Any help on the slider recommendation
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    OFFICIAL NBA 2K20 Thread || Available Now

    ps4. Yeah my last 2k game was 2k14. Even in practice i go 0/20 shooting.
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    OFFICIAL NBA 2K20 Thread || Available Now

    Just downloaded it for free. Need an dope slider upload. Fun but challenging. and why is shooting so damn hard.
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