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    Official Pizza Appreciation!

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    Official Pizza Appreciation!

    this. All of this. Thin crust Tavern Style is really all ppl eat. Prolly grab Some deep dish Beggars once, maybe two times max a year.
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    In which grade did your peers begin engaging in adult activities?

    Drinking My peers - everyone I knew was drinking heavily sophomore year in HS. I was too straight edge to do it so I was always the designated driver. I just didnt see the appeal. Still glad I didnt engage back then. First sip ever - like 4th grade. Skyy vodka. My friend’s Dad had a bar...
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    Baseball GLOVES and other Baseball/Softball gear

    Man I had this joint as a shorty. Loved this glove
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    the thread about nothing...

    Deleted all of my social media apps...idk, just got tired of the “connection” as well as the constant checking. Felt like it was becoming a chore. Hoping/Planning to stay off the grid for awhile
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    Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

    they cops, not paramedics. Most a police officer can do is secure the scene, make sure its safe, and keep people back until the ambulance arrives. Them doin anything outside of that (touching the victim, moving them) can negatively effect the whole situation.
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    Nah that rule only applied to curry & kd for some reason....
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    Jorja Smith - Project 11.....HER VOICE IS FIRE.

    she’s everything man
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    ~| the DOM. KENNEDY thread |~

    that boy spittin on this. he sound like someone pissed em off. Im rockin with it
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    Follies closed for good smh A aint gon be the same. No cap like others said in here before they only trippin cuz of the type of establishment. jack tweaked postin that ****...
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    Post your #COVIDPROJECT Vol. Passing time

    Damn. I feel like I havent done jack **** but eat like trash and get wasted....this whole thread has really inspired me. Its not too late tho (which sounds messed up/weird to say) cuz I dont see this pandemic going away anytime soon, so Im gonna pick 2-3 big things to accomplish so I can look...
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    These "passive income, become a boss, work from anywhere, get ya money up" YouTube ad gurus

    Im always skeptical of these types. Unless you hit the lotto or get an inheritance/settlement theres no quick way to “get rich” without putting in work
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    Did you frame your Diploma?

    No lie, Ive never even seen them
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    Naya Rivera RIP

    Congrats on the newborn. Same boat over here. Wife can swim like a fish and we got a 7 month old that she has all these water activity aspirations for when he is older. So in order for me to not be left out Im gonna have to conquer this fear smh
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    Naya Rivera RIP

    Im terrified of large bodies of water...really need to get comfortable with it but I just dnt see it happening. Sad story, glad the kid is ok but I can only imagine what he had to see smh
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