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  1. ballinsam23

    Scammer Alert Ebay Transaction Help Needed

    Hows it going guys, was hoping I could get some help regarding a transaction on eBay. I sold a pair of Adidas yeezy zebra v2 that I purchased from to a buyer with a confirmed address, 200+ 100% positive feedback, he seemed legit. First the buyer opened a case on July 7th stating...
  2. ballinsam23

    Air Jordan VI Infrared sz 9.5

    VNDS Comes with original box, lace locks, paper, shoe inserts No refunds Paypal confirmed/verified addresses only Only trades I'd take: Black Cement 3s (9-9.5), Spacejam 11s (9.5)
  3. ballinsam23

    Nike Roshe Run Siren Red sz 9.5

    Item: Nike Roshe Run Siren Red Size: 9.5 Condition: Worn casually only, see pics Price: $100 shipped obo Methods of payment: Paypal (confirmed/verified) or meetups only
  4. ballinsam23

    Johnny Rain: Lullaby of Machine. Villain, New Tape "11" Just Dropped

    Just came across this dude randomly on youtube. If you're into the druggy/love making music then he's not too bad. Solid production, average vocals, catchy lines. Heading towards that Drake/Weeknd/PND/Aloe Blacc/Frank Ocean sound. Putting NT has his entire tape...
  5. ballinsam23

    FanDuel Vol. The Best/Worst Thing To Happen to Fantasy Sports

    What: FanDuel Basically a fantasy NFL, NBA, CBB, MLB website for $$$. It works EXACTLY like your ESPN/Yahoo fantasy leagues except you pick players for every timeslot and you compete with other picks for money. Plus its all legal. Each player has a certain price tag to him and you have a cap...
  6. ballinsam23

    2004 Air Jordan Olympic VII size 9.5

    100% Authentic FOR SALE ONLY, unless you would trade for black cement 3s or spacejams 11s (i'll add) size 9.5 (no OG box/laces but a Jordan box will be provided) PAYPAL CONFIRMED ADDRESSES ONLY (will provide tracking) NO REFUNDS (condition as seen in pics) 120 MEETUP (NYC) 130 SHIPPED
  7. ballinsam23

    Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme 2012 size 9.5

    100% Authentic FOR SALE ONLY size 9.5 DS (comes with extra laces, double boxed) PAYPAL CONFIRMED ADDRESSES ONLY + SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION NO REFUNDS 450 MEETUP (NYC) 465 SHIPPED
  8. ballinsam23

    Your Team's All-Time Great Starting Five VOL. NBA

    Whats your team's greatest team of all time? Where would they rank with the other All-Time teams? Whether you have seen all them play or not, this is my best 5. Knicks: PG-Walt Clyde Frazier SG-Allan Houston (tough call between Starks, H20, and The Pearl) SF-Bernard King PF-Amare (yes over...
  9. ballinsam23

    Need Help Vol. Professor Accusing Me of Cheating

    I'm taking Orgo in the summer and my professor assumed people cheated.... -We had a quiz (30 points, 2 different versions). -On one of the questions I put down the answer to the question on the other quiz, thinking I had the right answer. I have an explanation why I put this. -He said anyone...
  10. ballinsam23

    black silver low top VI LC

    Need a legit check before i buy these. Thanks in advance. The tag says these shoes were produced on January 15th 2002. the Pat. US 4817304. The plastic strip on the back top says AJ6L.    
  11. ballinsam23

    Jelly or Syrup? Vol. Homosexual Inmate LMAO

    Might need a late pass here, but i just caught this and i'm 
  12. ballinsam23

    THE OFFICIAL PARTY THREAD (College, Bars, Frats, Clubbing, etc) Vol. $%% Happened Last Night?

    Basically, every time you go out with your boys to a club, house party, bar, frat house or any party update this thread with how your night was. Crazy stories are welcomed. First weekend of my sophomore year in college all i gotta say is #!%@ was . Pregamed with the crew and went to the...
  13. ballinsam23

    An Omar Broadway Film Vol. MUST WATCH!!

    This looks . Premiering on July 14th on HBO....
  14. ballinsam23

    Need help buying a car Vol. 3,000 to spend...

    So yea I'm looking to buy my first car. Reliability, gas, maintenance, and make are important. Yes i know my options are limited, but here is some background info that might help.... 1. Got $3,000 to spend tops 2. I'm a college student (might do some work study) 3. Not a big fan of American cars
  15. ballinsam23

    Need a Favor PLEASE Vol. Xbox

    My xbox live membership expired and i'm dying to play some 2k10. Can someone please help a fellow niketalker out and PM or post a 2 day xbox live code. Itwill be greatly appreciated
  16. ballinsam23

    School Me on Car Insurance Vol. Strict Parents

    -i'm 18 (with license) father doesnt let me drive alone in his car -says insurance is way too high for someone my age and if i'm driving his car and crash i'm screwed (there has to be a way around this, i know plentyof people who crashed their parents car) -wants me to drive (only with him in...
  17. ballinsam23

    University at Buffalo *updated*

    Anyone here attend UB? I'm living on campus any other niketalkers here?
  18. ballinsam23

    Wait Listed Unappreciation

    Just got wait listed to uconn (pharmacy), suny stony brook (biological sciences), and suny buffalo (pharmacy) . I didnt think it was possible to be wait listedto this many schools. Complete BS. I had a 92 average in one of the top public high schools in NY (graduating class over 1000) and a 1690...
  19. ballinsam23

    Any future of present Pharmacists out there?

    I want to become a pharmacist and will be applying to the St.Johns/Buffalo/LIU/Albany pharmacy programs. Anyone currently attend those schools for pharmacy?What should i expect? How is it going for you? Btw, my GPA is a 3.6, SAT (waiting for scores), i've played varsity basketball, worked at two...
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