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  1. rome138

    **Alert DMV Snkr Robber**

    went to do a meetup and dude robbed me of my shoes! probably ONLY Balenciaga Triple black speed trainers around this area size 10 if you see ANYONE wearing these shoes, please report it or at least back to me! msg me here or email me at my NT handle at There's an ongoing police...
  2. rome138

    Supreme x LV Card holder lc

    This is every item that was sent to me from reseller Thought card holder suppose to come with a little LV booklet that said "Supreme" on it..? Middle slot lays little open when no cards in it on sides...? Normal? Suppose to come with this LV "Supreme" booklet..???
  3. rome138

    DMV (Mid-Atlantic) Facebook Groups

    Hey neighbors, what are some decent to good facebook groups we have in the area? Anything i've been on hasn't been that great and nothing been local. Have some great DS hype and non-hype shoes to sell/trade and buy from you all. Thanks in advance!
  4. rome138

    Parcel Package Forwarding - Re-Shipping Help

    What's a good service to use for parcel package forwarding when sites only ship to say European countries, and you want it then forwarded to US I tried signing up for  but confused on which service I need
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