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  1. bigballa8716

    Air Jordan Retro VI Infrared Size 13

    Whats up NT, Selling some Air Jordan Retro VI's Infrared's Size 13 100% Authentic Shipping anywhere in the US, accepting PayPal only. *Edit* forgot to add pics of the soles, added now **Price Drop**
  2. bigballa8716

    Air Jordan Retro XI Legend Blue Size 13

    Whats up NT, Selling some Air Jordan XI Legend Blues in a Size 13 100% Authentic Will ship anywhere in the US via USPS double boxed Paypal only **Price Drop**
  3. bigballa8716

    Study on Air Jordan consumers Vol. Help a brotha out NT

    What's up NT fam,  so I'm doing a school project over Air Jordans and I'm trying to get yalls opinions on a couple of things if you could. Basically I'm curious as to what your perceptions and attitudes in terms of Jordan footwear and apparel.  Like do you think its a "top of the line" product...
  4. bigballa8716

    June 27th Vol 40 min freestyle

  5. bigballa8716

    Fellas, what are your thoughts on the friend zone?

    Was talking to my homie the other day, he said he doesn't think the friend zone exists.  I think hes partially right, because if you exude enough confidence, anything could happen with a so called "friend".  I know I've had instances where this has proved true, I'm sure some other NT brethren...
  6. bigballa8716

    Alright so outta these three, which did you enjoy the most?? Vol: Ye, Cudder, Mouse

    Outta these three, which did you enjoy/feel the most overall? To be clear, I am not asking which one you think is the best, just which one appeals to you the most and why. IMO I prefer MM4, just cuz budden says a lot of stuff I can relate to, and he is just straight spittin on all the tracks...
  7. bigballa8716

    Lupe Fiasco - S.L.R. Vol Lupes Diss >>>> Ice T's

    Edit: Didn't see this posted in official lupe thread... lock if necessary [/spoiler]
  8. bigballa8716

    I've been a member since _____ yet I only have ______ posts? Vol: Haters gone hate

    Alright so i just peeped my yuku profile and it says I've been a member since 06/02/02 yet I only have 638 posts   Used to be more of a lurker, but been posting more lately  Anyone else with this moral dilemma? [/spoiler] [/spoiler] 
  9. bigballa8716

    The 4400 Vol. The Best Show You've Never Heard Of...

    This show premiered in 2004, and in IMO is kinda like a mix between Lost, and Heroes.  The plot is basically 4400 people abducted from different times i.e; one guy was abducted during the civil war era, small girl abducted in the 1930's, another guy was abducted recently, etc.  They then are all...
  10. bigballa8716

    Slim Thug Ft. Z-Ro "Gangsta" Music Video

    Ya'll gonna act like two of the realest outta Texas ain't drop a new video though?  Been on NT 7+ years.... still dunno how to embed, sue me lol!
  11. bigballa8716

    Article Request: "Philly's other motive in moving McNabb" VOL. ESPN insider...

    if someone wouldn't mind posting this article, I'd appreciate it
  12. bigballa8716

    Which control set do you use to play first person shooters vol. invert for life!

    Been putting in work on Modern Warfare 2... just curious how you guys play the game i play with the regular control set with the inverted y-axis... been playing that way since the goldeneye days.... and im the only one i know who does... what about YOU?
  13. bigballa8716

    New Curren$y - Rapper trees

    Hot spitta just dropped a new track What up Gotti! Link
  14. bigballa8716

    look at this photo album on facebook.... smh click on the pics and read the info....
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