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  1. dropten

    BNIB Jordan 12 University Gold 10.5 "Pending Sale"

    This thread is for the sale of the Air Jordan 12 University Gold size 10.5 to NTer @philosophre for the agreed upon amount.
  2. dropten

    The Instacart thread

    Let's get an Instacart and other delivery side hustle thread started. I know alot of people are out of work right now or know someone, so this might be something you can utilize if you're unable to get unemployment. It's crazy easy money and you can easily rake in $1k+ a week depending on...
  3. dropten

    Freak accident

    So last night me and a couple of friends were heading out for a few drinks. As some of you know, I live out of my car for the most part. Anyway, I went to my car to grab my watch out of my duffle bag. As soon as I open my car door to get out...WHAM!!! A kid slams into my door and flys off his...
  4. dropten

    True Life: I'm homeless

    As the title says. Im homeless. Well im going to be come this weekend. I dont want to get into too much detail about it but, I had 2 jobs, lost one and the other I cant work there until some things clear up. Now im not broke, but I cant spend all my savings on rent etc. Getting a job would be...
  5. dropten

    Drunk drivers

    In October of 2014 I made a FB post about someone who was driving drunk. "Hello mr green 90s chevy trail blazer liscence plate 7ab6978 (maryland) Its 7pm on a monday evening. Its a beautiful evening, but why are you drunk, swerving in and out of lanes on the 795 endangering the lives of...
  6. dropten

    NT Evil Genius. I need your help!!!

    Im sure all of Nters hate scammers, so im sure we hate thieves just as much. Well, a few weeks ago I was in NY for the 4th and heading home I heard some rubbing coming from the front of the car. So when I got to the next gas station I pulled over and noticed my fender liner was pulled down a...
  7. dropten

    Sic ILL- Labyrinth Zone Act 1

    :lol The Lyrics are so real right now :smokin You make my life complete Your were that one girl That made me hold my breath I'm searchin for pearls That pretty mermaid did Make me think bout a wife For once I can admit You are the one to settle my life Your outta this world You hypnotise Watch...
  8. dropten

    I've been bamboozled for the first time EVER!!!

    NT, so im coming back from my local wheel spot, after picking up my wheels. It's a nice day so I got my windows down and "Summit" playing. I see slim thing, semi booty shawty walking. Hair seemed to be a little gray but look silky and curly. Im thinking its a middle aged hispanic mami "golden...
  9. dropten

    Official Doomsday preparation thread (Dont get caught slippin) **Edit with links**

    Ive been gathering a few supplies in prep for a major event. It doesnt have to be the end of the world, it could be a major flood for example. You never know what can happen so its best be prepared. Fire Starter Rubbing wood together isnt gonna cut it Link LifeStraw Removes a minimum of...
  10. dropten

    Say there's a fly in your car...

    Say your driving at 80mph and there's a fly in your car flying around. Shouldnt the fly hit your rear window since the fly isnt being carried by the cars momentum? Or the fly must travel at the same speed or faster to actually keep up with the speed of the car? Theres been so many times ive...
  11. dropten

    Surveliance Thread (I see you tyrna steal my ****)

    So lately ive been looking into some cheap but affective surveliance equipment that I want to monitor my car. Mostly PC based that I can watch from anywhere with internet access. I was able to do I pretty decent set up and now im looking into getting a wireless IP camera. Does anyone on NT...
  12. dropten

    90s kids. Brainwashing and cartoons (90s appreciation)

    From time to time, I drink a lil wine and youtube my childhood. Tonight I came across something interesting. Of coarse I didnt notice it while I were child but I found it interesting the messages that were given to us Homosexuality Nutrition bullying In the 90s, if your being bullied...
  13. dropten

    If you had 1 month to live. Would you want to know?

    A while ago I accepted a friend request on FB. She was a friend of a homie and I guess she seen my one of my comments and sent me a request. One of the last posts I remember seeing from her was this And then all of a sudden alot of RIP posts on her wall. I had no idea how she passed away...
  14. dropten

    EXXXOTICA EXPO NJ...Whos been there?

    Im planning on hitting up the EXXXOTICA expo this year in NJ. I believe its the only adult convention thats on the east coast. I know they've been to MIA and CHI this year already. Has anyone gone to it? How was it? They seem to have a good amount of pr0n stars there that I know some of you...
  15. dropten

    Dating a stripper???

    Ok NT here the deal. Some of you may recall I made a thread about 2months ago about me "loving for the weekend". Well, I started dating that same woman. Nothing serious though. I.would see her about once every 2 weeks. So we're texting back and forth and she tells me she started dancing again. I...
  16. dropten

    Mediterranean Cruise help!!!

    Im gravitating around the idea of going on a Mediterranean Cruise, preferably in the fall or spring. Ive taken cruises/vacations to the carrib before, but I havent traveled to Europe. I know nothing about cruising in Europe or vacationing there for that matter. My question is where do I start...
  17. dropten


    4got this was NT...Yall too manly for me
  18. dropten

    Falling in love for the weekend (confessions)

    You know when you first start dating someone and you really start feeling them. You go out your way to do things for them and get the warm feeling when your around them. But after a while things start getting a little stale and you start finding things about them you dont like. And eventually...
  19. dropten

    Unclaimed Funds. Find free money!!!

    Basically if a company, bank or previous employer owes you money, they give it to the state, which you can claim if you provide proof that you are that person. Back in January, I did a search on Ny unclaimed funds website. My name didnt come up, but alot of people I know did. And so did my...
  20. dropten

    Never lay your hands on a Woman!!!????

    I know NT has had this debate/ disagreement from time to time about men hitting/ fighting women. To me, women getting handled by men doesnt bother me, as long as both parties are willing to throw down. I dont condone abuse and this is not what im talking about. Yes, there is a long history of...
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