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  1. supraman1784

    Gemballa Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO (pics)

  2. supraman1784

    Got the Dime Mag Melo M4s (pic)

    got these in the mail recently. i actually forgot i entered in that contest to begin with but its cool that i won. honestly, not the greatest lookin shoe inthe world and there are some things i like and some things i dont like about them, but i won them for free so it makes it a better deal.
  3. supraman1784

    Bohol or Palawan

    im headin over to the pi for winter break, leaving the 24th so i should be there the next day, my aunt from hk wants to go to either bohol or palawan, i justwanna see which place you guys think is better and what there is to do at each place, i think for the first week ill be at my family's...
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