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  1. monstar

    Just saw some disturbing ish

    Im at work and one of my friends shares a video of a cop in nyc caught on video raping an underage girl, didnt see anyone post it anywhere but man it was really disturbing to see something like that :{ dude was caught live on camera and to my knowledge not a thing has been done smh
  2. monstar

    Hamilton tickets SF showing

    Not sure if anyone here has heard of hamilton but tickets for the SF show went on sale today i am currently inline but behind 9000 people anybody else trying?
  3. monstar

    Caribana 2015!!!! Who goin?

    Alright fellas Caribana is set to take place next Thursday through Sunday, the same weekend as Drake's Ovo festival Im heading out for the first time and wanna know 1) Is anyone else hitting this up in Toronto Canada 2) Past experiences, and tips or heads up I should have heading out there...
  4. monstar

    Offical 2013-2014 College basketball thread

    Alright fellas I was searching high and low and saw nothing on college basketball Each year the parody has improved, and I am curious to hear about peoples thoughts on coaches, players on the rise. Tourney and league pics to win it all. Think this thread can be fun for a lot of folks so lets...
  5. monstar

    Under Armour The Armour39 system

    Hey guys saw this announced today about the Armour 39system that will be relased by Under Armour come March. Just wanted to get some feedback and thoughts by other users looks like this will not be linked to a specific shoe and could rival the nike+ system if this belong somewhere else I...
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