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  1. jazz145


    Up for sale is a pair of size 12.5 Fighter Jet Foamposites. The shoes are completely brand new and come with the original box and dog tags. However, the lid is missing from the box PAYMENT: PAYPAL CONFIRMED & VERIFIED ONLY!!! NO TRADES!!! SHIPPING: USPS PRIORITY MAIL WITH TRACKING...
  2. jazz145

    DS Brand New Air Jordan Retro 10 Chicago sz 13

    Up for sale is a pair of deadstock brand new size 13 Air Jordan retro 10s in the Chicago colorway. Shoes will be shipped via usps priority mail double-boxed. Price: $215shipped! Contact email : [email protected]
  3. jazz145

    Size 13 Air Jordan Retro 11 Cool Grey 2010 Worn 5 to 6 times

    Up for sale is a worn about 5 to 6 times Cool Grey 11. These come with original box and plastic inserts. Soles are still icy except for the yellowing around the pods. Both jumpman logos are no longer on the insoles. There is some ankle creasing. The right shoe lace has some dirt on it. Those are...
  4. jazz145

    Legit Check/Price Check on DMP Pack

    No OG Box or Dog Tags. It's just the shoes. Are these legit and if they are then how much would be a good price range for them? Seller says the 11s were worn 3 times and the 6s were worn once.
  5. jazz145

    2 Brand New T-Shirts! XL Diamond Supply Co. & XL 10 DEEP

    Wat Up NT, up for sale are a couple t-shirts. All items will be shipped out via usps first class or priority mail. I am legit and have many references and can provide them if needed. I only take PayPal as the form of payment and it must be from a verified/confirmed address. No Returns. Email me...
  6. jazz145

    Where to buy high quality plain black tees

    I buy my white tees from costco and like the way they fit but the black ones from costco fit looser.  I was hoping to get pointed in the right direction so I can buy plain black tee shirts that actually fit well. Any help is appreciated.
  7. jazz145

    PayPal Error vol. Yet another paypal problem

    So I bought an item on ebay and now when I try to pay for it I keep getting an error message that says my payment cannot be processed at this time. It only gives me the option to contact paypal customer service and I have emailed them and plan on calling as well although we all know just how...
  8. jazz145

    So How Tough is Law School Really?

    I have heard mixed reviews about the difficulty of law school. I know higher end schools are tougher but I was curious to see what people think about the average law school Anyone currently in law school or know anyone that is in one, please share your opinion.
  9. jazz145

    Dominos Large 2 Topping Pizza $5.99?

    So I saw this commercial while watching the lakers game and it said that A large two topping pizza for $5.99? Anyone else see this cuz I tried to order and the local domino's said there is no such deal and I know I saw it. I tried to find the coupon online but can't. Anyone else have success...
  10. jazz145

    Air Jordan 13 Retro UnDs Question

    Just copped a pair of DS black/red xiii's and I plan on wearing them like I do with all my kicks but im a little skeptical as to if they are ok unds? I mean it may seem like a dumb question but I don't want them to fall apart on me so I asked anyways, any advice or experience with how the xiii's...
  11. jazz145

    How long are NBA Tube Socks?

    So I have a gift card thats set to expire soon from Eastbay and I was thinking of getting a pair of nba socks. I usually wear quarter length socks but Im thinking of trying out the tube socks, any help as to how long they are? Im thinking there below the knees but I just wanted to ask those...
  12. jazz145

    Kobe IV Fitting question.......Anyone??

    Sup NT, so I wanted to ask how the kobe iv's were feeling size wise to those that own a pair. Im a sz 13 in everything but when i tried the kobes theywere pretty tight, almost to the point that they were uncomfortable. Unfortunately I cant cop a sz 13.5 or i would but i am thinking of coppin a...
  13. jazz145

    Recommend me a shoe out of the following for Bball.

    Sup NT, so I have a few options as to which shoe I wanna go with (mainly for outdoor ball). I will wear these on the hardwood first but only for like a monthor two (only on weekends) and then break them out for outdoor ball at the park. So I wanted to ask you guys which ones you would advise me...
  14. jazz145

    NO PICS. Cool Grey XI's insole question

    Did the 2001 cool grey xi's have a nike logo on the insole or was it a jumpman logo?
  15. jazz145

    PC on My vvnds Cardinals

    I have some vvnds cardinal 7s that im thinking about selling and so I just wanted to check in here to see what you fellas think there worth. If it helps thesewere worn once. Let me know, thanks.
  16. jazz145

    No pics price value on cdp vi's.

    Whats the range on some DS carmines from the cdp pack? Let me know its not in the price forum, thanks.
  17. jazz145

    LC & PC on 02 retro IX

    Let me know if these are legit and if they are then how much for them? thanks. I have the withe/black/red color from 2002 and the difference is that theleather on the toe area is more smooth than these so im not sure.
  18. jazz145

    Where to get decent replacement laces?

    Just trying to find out where most of you guys buy your replacement laces and I know finishline, footlocker, champs and them all have them but I just boughtsome and changed the laces for my air forces and when I made it home from school they were half way torn apart. Im just looking for a decent...
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