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  1. gotjz

    OFFICIAL Nike Air More Uptempo OG BLK/WHT 414962-002 APRIL 2016

    They’re all cleaned out now?
  2. gotjz

    Reebok Question to return in 2012.

    great pickup. Where!? When did those come out again?
  3. gotjz

    Air jordan retro 12 alternate flu game later 2020

    It’s probably the black laces. Red laces may have them look a little better.
  4. gotjz

    Air Max Webber/Sensation Returns Spring 2016...

    2 versions of 12s 👀? Never heard of that, hip me.
  5. gotjz

    Reebok Answer 1 returning in May 24, 2013. Retail $150

    I still need the white and reds smh
  6. gotjz

    Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

    Yea if anyone can point me to a size 11 in the green zooms.
  7. gotjz

    Air Jordan 13 "Red Flint" 2021

    I missed Flints, so these will do
  8. gotjz

    Reebok Iverson Retro Collection: GIVE US ANSWER II & III PLEASE!!!

    I still need the white/red Vs.
  9. gotjz

    Air Jordan 13 "Flint" May 30, 2020

    I’m an 11 too bro, and am still on the hunt. We’ll get them!
  10. gotjz


    If non-blacks came from blacks, why are there anatomical differences? How did the blood change? How did Neanderthal dna magically appear into their genetic makeup....?
  11. gotjz


    Black people come from Africa no matter where they ventured out to by way of self exploration or enslavement...
  12. gotjz


    Smh this is wild. The guy who asked about why some black people claim to be Jew is the same thing I don’t understand... Present day Jews are for the most part white. The Jews killed during the Holocaust were white people killed by nazi Germans that were other white people or am I missing...
  13. gotjz

    Air Jordan 13 "Flint" May 30, 2020

    No BS lol. Just boils down to whether the desire wins superiority over sound financial principles. Buying the shoes at retail is already economically unwise. Not wanting to spend a penny over retail is just a display of better discipline in regards to this example of shoe buying. Weird how...
  14. gotjz

    Jordan XI Clear Holiday 2020

    I like them, I’m with it.
  15. gotjz

    Air Jordan XI Low IE (Black Cement III inspired) Summer 2020

    I was just about to say this lol. Sole is exactly what I’ve wanted for blk/red retro’s (of course with red pods). That being said, I want to pick these up.
  16. gotjz

    Jordan Delta SP/ React

    I still want some of these. Where are they!?
  17. gotjz

    Air Jordan 13 "Flint" May 30, 2020

    Where you located at?
  18. gotjz

    ***Official-Jordan XII 12 Thread-New Releases***

    I’m confused. The IG pic shows what looks to be leather, but then earlier pics showed a different material that’s “tear away”. Which one is it?
  19. gotjz

    Air Jordan XI Low IE (Black Cement III inspired) Summer 2020

    I think these will be received well but I surely do hope they can hit $100
  20. gotjz

    Air Jordan 13 "Flint" May 30, 2020

    Super small chance of snagging these according to those numbers.
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