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  1. jetpacunlimited

    Bruh its hard being a Falcons fan.

    This team legit made me retire from the S&T forums back in 2017. I mean seriously, 440-1 and that 1 being the GAT DAMN Falcons. The curse is so real with this team it's ridiculous. That is all... Carry on.
  2. jetpacunlimited


    Took awhile to digest my team gifting Brady his crown. But I'm here to eat crow and say good game pats fans and that we lost. Don't care, how long it took I still can say I made the thread (even if it gets locked which it will). Apparently lotta dudes in here got some harsh feelings towards me -...
  3. jetpacunlimited

    So Timbaland jacked my brother...

    Pusha T. Retribution, prod by. Bobby "Deafh" Barrett. :{ Crazy part is we've been in contact with Tim for a while, and he never even had this tracked out only an MP3. Now the fight for royalties begin... This guy use to be my musical IDOL. Will update, and yes the music is copy written.
  4. jetpacunlimited

    NT this one hits home: 10-year-old girl found stuffed in a trash can 'starved her to death'

    I honestly don't know how to feel. This is my wife's first cousin that is now locked up for killing his daughter. And we've all seen warning signs and tried to help. Wasn't even a month ago my wife was telling me how her little cousin was being tortured. It really didn't even compute that it was...
  5. jetpacunlimited

    SRS Convo, what do you do for a living and how much do you make per year?

    At 29 I've been on NT since I was a teen and I've gone from one profession to the next. My question to you is, where are you in your field and how much do you bring home a year?
  6. jetpacunlimited

    PIC REQUEST VOL. $5 paypal for the first to post it.

    Can somebody please post the pic of the dude sitting in a chair and then the next pic its him as a skeleton in the same spot.. Thanks in advance.. sorry for the random post.
  7. jetpacunlimited

    Size 10.5 Air Jordan Retro 11 'Bred' DS

    Size 10.5 Air Jordan Rearly 11 'Bred' DS Been on NT since 02 been buying and selling since then as well. No need for references im sure plenty will vouch for me. No scaming here. Shoes are 100% legit. No early release Title says it all. Not really looking for trades but I will except the...
  8. jetpacunlimited

    So.. THIS is what its like Vol. WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL.

    Plain and simple, this is torture. Got put to sleep, surgery was done on Wednesday. Its Friday night and my bottom lip and chin is still 100% numb. WHEN THE HELL DO I GET THE FEELING BACK!?
  9. jetpacunlimited

    NT Fathers... Doesn't it just melt your heart...

    When your son or daughter gives you that "smile"? Thought I'd share this with you all. I had no father growing up. So it feels 100000x better to look at my little man when I get home from work!
  10. jetpacunlimited

    MYKO MCFLY - BRUCE WAYNE [Download Link included]

    Prod. By myself (Scratchboi) Comment and let me know what yall think.. Thanks!!
  11. jetpacunlimited

    NT - Its happened... I am a Father!!!!!!!!!!!! (Pics)

    I've been here since 02 and signed up in 04' so I guess its fitting to say myself and my cousin (NCTwin) have really grown up on Niketalk. So I wanted to share with you guys the greatest joy of my life. My son, Liam. Born July 17th 2012. WORD CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW I FEEL!!
  12. jetpacunlimited

    For ONCE the ******** win... Well kinda VOL. RG3 #2 PICK IN POCKET

    Report: Washington ******** acquire No. 2 pick from St. Louis Rams, plan to take RGIII
  13. jetpacunlimited

    So Many LULZ Vol. I MUST BE LATE

  14. jetpacunlimited


    @ScratchboiMusic @Myko_Mcfly Prod. By Me (Scratchboi) Please feedback is VERY MUCH welcome
  15. jetpacunlimited

    NT EXCLUSIVE - BAND GEAKZ (Swag Surfin / Out Your League) - SBS and Good W.. NEED FEEDBACK

    Band Geakz (F.L.Y. Style Music Group) featured on the songs, Swag Surfin, and Out Yo League. SBS and Good Weed (Produced by Scratchboi *ME* credits include, FLY, Roscoe Dash, Waka Flocka, LA Da Boomman, Yung La, D4L, Rich Kid Shawty and more). Extended Version (This is the version that will be...
  16. jetpacunlimited


    I know alot of yall have been playing the new Arkham City, myslef included... But who's ready for Elder Scrolls Skyrim? 11.11.11 This game is going to take my soul.
  17. jetpacunlimited


    Grand Theft Auto 5 Officially AnnouncedRockstar's website shows that Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming.UK, October 25, 2011 October 25, 2011 October 25, 2011 Rockstar Games has just officially announced Grand Theft Auto 5 on its official website. There are absolutely no details yet - just a date...
  18. jetpacunlimited

    So long as EA has no competition... MADDEN WILL NEVER BE THIS GOOD

    - Interactive Sidelines - Realistic movement / cutting - Authentic Blocking Interaction - Authentic DB awareness and progression - Player Awareness - Life like animations - Time based routes and passing. SOOO MUCH MORE
  19. jetpacunlimited

    Recommend me a GOOD movie to watch tonight

    Im all out... lets hear some thoughts... Action / Drama / Horror / Indie it don't matter...
  20. jetpacunlimited

    3D Video Gaming... Vol. ##** just got real

    Of course this has been around for a while so my title might be a bit of an over statement. BUT I just received my HP Envy 3D. Now i've done a little 3D gaming on the PS3, and it was a bit underwhelming. Maybe it was the set-up or the lighting... either way... it was meh... But running Mass...
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