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  1. noblekane

    I am hooked on Investigation Discovery! ID Channel

    anybody else like these types of shows? this channel have it all Florida is garbage how do they let casey anthony go free?
  2. noblekane

    If you are having a bad day....

    Watch this
  3. noblekane

    Who else is done with ebay?

    I guess it doesnt mean **** that the buyer has 100 percent feedback anymore. regardless they dont pay up... and nothing is done about it ive had it! **** ebay
  4. noblekane

    How? The power of George Michael and Wham!

  5. noblekane

    Spacejam 2.... It's that serious...

  6. noblekane

    The Official 2014-2015 Season Thread Of The NBA Champions San Antonio Spurs

    This is the home of everything spurs!!!! Can they finally get that elusive back to back championship? Is Koala Leonard finally a legit supertar? DISCUSS!!!!!
  7. noblekane

    Price check on nike lebron 3 bday size 11.5

    Looking to see how much i should let these go for? Just shoes and shoes with belt and shirt. Any info or comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. noblekane

    Do people buy unwearable shoes?

    i have a question. im looking to sell a near deadstock retro v but i am wondering if its any use considering im not sure if they are wearable still? do people buy shoes they cant wear?
  9. noblekane

    Can Adidas or Nike buy And 1? We need more Tai Chis!

    Maybe kind of like an appreciation thread? lol Man i love this shoe. I know and 1 has retroed these in the past but not how they should have. These shoes are so comfy especialky the nubuck upper ones, affordable, and are good performers for the price. So many colorways they can come up with...
  10. noblekane

    The Sweetest Comeback In The History Of EVER happens July 15: Twinkies Are Finally Back!

    Let the riots and long lines begin :rollin
  11. noblekane

    Fist Of Jesus hahahaha Warning: really cheap blood and gore special effects

    lol in spanish with english subtitles
  12. noblekane

    Nike air max 2 strong out now..... $150...

    contemplating whether to cop now or wait later.... hmmm
  13. noblekane

    Man how the hell are you gonna enter a roach eating contest then die all to just win a SNAKE lol a snake.... not even no hd tv.... a snake. rip
  14. noblekane

    SO who copped NBA Baller beats for the kinect?

    :lol I cannot believe the price is 59.99. for what its worth i heard the game was actually fun and you get a free spalding basketball :p
  15. noblekane

    ayo anyone see and 1 being sold at walmart now???

    damn shame man.... and 1 use to be the ****...
  16. noblekane

    Does this guy sing Ordinary People better than John Legend???

    got the writer of the song in tears
  17. noblekane

    for those who missed out on madden 12 deal of the day 9.99 may 15 only

    Sorry was gonna post this2 hours ago but fell asleep lol madden 12 for 360, ps3, and wii 9.99 plus free shipping hof version is 19.99 one day only. also available for in store pick up i know madden 13 comes out in a few months but ima cop 10 bucks for 3 months of football then...
  18. noblekane

    Official Lilyhammer Season 1 Thread: Now available on Netflix streaming

    I guess this is technically the first Netflix original series even though it is ongoing in norway. All 8 episodes are up on netflix right now. Looking forward to seeing this as i hope it will somewhat be as good as The Sopranos.. I know it wont lol. any thoughts on anyone who has seen it yet?
  19. noblekane

    Who remembers them Dipset drawing cartoon videos?

     do them dudes still make those? they had the voices dead on.  the john madden one was my favorite ballin!
  20. noblekane

    Disneyland Adventures for the xbox 360 kinect is now 19.99 at Saints row 3 for 39.99

    just a heads up. I probably wont play disneyland but they will make great gifts this christmas also saints row the 3rd is 39.99 for both ps3 and xbox 360. gonna get the ps3 version...
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