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  1. pr0phecy718

    Official NY Knicks 2020-2021 season thread.

    starting with the struggle preseason schedule First half of regular season
  2. pr0phecy718

    The official '20 NYK thread, Nate jersey retired

    Maybe a little better this season Blah Post the season schedule
  3. pr0phecy718

    Official 2017-2018 Knicks season thread

    We deserve to be trash. The fans are trash, the owner is trash, the players are trash. -njavier03 Another year of misery Someone post the schedule...thanks Knicks Fan Board 00) Viiheaven 1) l Knicks Fresh Knick l 2) pr0phecy718 3) Al3xis 4) THE GR8 5) Kn0wledgeable 6) Spectacular23 7)...
  4. pr0phecy718

    OfficiaL '16 NYK offseason thread, Melo goes to bodega in bathrobe and Olympic hat

    New York Knicks 2015-2016 Schedule Pre-Season Oct 7 Bauru 7:30 Oct 9 @ Washington 7:00 Oct 12 Philadelphia 7:30 Oct 16 Boston 7:30 Oct 17 @ Charlotte 7:00 Oct 22 @ Boston 7:30 Regular Season Oct. 28 @ Milwaukee 8:00 Oct. 29 Atlanta 8:00 Oct. 31 @ Washington 7:00 Nov. 2 San Antonio 7:30 Nov. 4...
  5. pr0phecy718

    2015 NY Knicks offseason thread, Los Almighty appreciation thread

    Pre-season Oct. 8 @ Boston Celtics- XL Center, Hartford, CT 7:30 p.m. Oct. 11 @ Boston Celtics- Mohegan Sun Arena, Mohegan, CT 7:30 p.m. Oct. 13 vs. Toronto Raptors- Madison Square Garden, New York, NY 7:30 p.m. Oct. 14 @ Philadelphia 76ers- Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY 7:00 p.m. Oct. 20 vs...
  6. pr0phecy718

    Happy Batman day to everyone on NT

    Today is batman day...enjoy :hat Get your free batman comic book at your local comic book store Sales on the psn network Sales on digital comic books And also more info on this during comic con [\video]
  7. pr0phecy718

    Brooklyn girls vol. Hipsters

    >D I'll just leave it at that and you see it for yourself
  8. pr0phecy718

    "Times Square: the worst place on earth" (NY Post)

    Lol I'm not surprised
  9. pr0phecy718

    "I married my stalker"

  10. pr0phecy718

    18 years ago this date, the final episode of this show aired

    Wow 18 years :eek I remember when I was in junior high school watching this every Monday night on NBC
  11. pr0phecy718

    The myth is real: E.T's have been unearthed from New Mexico desert today.

    According to urban legend, a massive stockpile of Atari gear — including truckloads of the notoriously awful game E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial — has laid buried in a New Mexico landfill for over thirty years. Today, that story is no longer a myth. Construction crews have uncovered copies of the...
  12. pr0phecy718

    Happy 75 years of Batman today!

    One of the greatest heroes of our time and he doesn't have superpowers :hat @worldsfinest: Detective Comics #27, the first appearance of Batman, was released exactly 75 years ago today. Happy birthday, Batman! #batman75 #batman
  13. pr0phecy718

    Shaq Fu returns...not a joke lol...(official trailer)

  14. pr0phecy718

    Gotham Knight video game (new trailer) 8/22/20 p.66

  15. pr0phecy718

    Rest in peace to Harold Ramis (Ghostbusters)

    American actor, director and writer Harold Ramis has passed away, reports the Chicago Tribune. According to the newspaper, Ramis died at 12:53 a.m. from complications of autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis, a rare disease that involves swelling of the blood vessels. He was 69. His wife Erica Mann...
  16. pr0phecy718

    The Flash (CW Series) thread, season 7 delayed

    Just when you thought ‘The Flash”s TV future was all-but assured as an ‘Arrow‘ spinoff, The CW has literally doubled down on its titular hero. The latest to join the scarlet speedster’s 2014 TV updates is none other than TV’s previous live-action ‘Flash,’ 1990 CBS star John Wesley Shipp! Of...
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