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  1. JRepp23

    Chicago 2 pick up.

    Could not find a good thread to put this on so I just simply made one. Just got a pair of 2s for the first time with zero shame what so ever. Lol. It's a 2010 but couldn't resist the price. I was actually hunting a 95 but the price and cracked midsoles kinda turned me off to em...
  2. JRepp23

    That one Jordan shoe.

    So there are a few guys in here that are hardcore with just that one certain model Jordan. Show them off or talk about why they mean so much to you. ....Conversation fun. Pics if possible.
  3. JRepp23

    Brand Jordan Edition: The Last dance Documentary.

    The stories, the players, the SHOES. The Drama. Post it here.
  4. JRepp23

    2011 playoff 13 retro.

    Piggy backing off of @ninjahood here with his playoff 7 thread. Do you guys have problems with how that shoe released. I do not personally. The shape and toe all matched up imo. I can not find any issue with them at all. Thoughts?
  5. JRepp23


    The title is self explanatory. Everyone else can take it from here.
  6. JRepp23

    Why a retro over the newer sig Js?

    Why does a retro mean more to most than the new sig J? I think I know the reason. Just wanted to hear your comments. Just for conversation.
  7. JRepp23

    Quick gauge on a XV. Would you buy?

    I know the thread wont stay around long. But just wanted some quick opinions of these if they came out again. With proper air soles of course. It was an "Eastbay exclusive" originally in 2000 so they were not that available. I tried to get em then but they sold out. Just wanted honest...
  8. JRepp23


    I will let the experts take it from here. Many have asked for this, so lets here it. Name the shoe and your problem with it.
  9. JRepp23

    Favorite Jordan post 14.

    So we all get caught up in MJs playing days. I want opinions of the models they like the most since the 14. My list. 1. XX3 2. XV 3. XVII 4. XX2 5. XX1 6. XXX 7. XX9 8. XX7 (2012). 9. XVI. 10. XIX. Love the XX also. Thoughts?
  10. JRepp23

    Alternate + colorway Jordans ideas.

    Ok am I the only one that would like to see more of this. They kind of started with the 4, 5, 6, 8. But what I mean is why cant JB drop colorways of classics then change the dominant color. Ex white aquas, which we all have seen before. A white version of the last shots with the midsole...
  11. JRepp23


    No I don't want a Wheaties inspired Jordan.. But Id love for them to bring back and collab with gear and apparel. My first poster came off a Wheaties Box with the 88 dunk from the line. This cereal is directly responsible for my obsession for Air Jordan shoes. From the 3 to the 6. Pics in...
  12. JRepp23

    My Jordan collection.

    If anyone is willing to show any of their championship collection. Much welcomed.
  13. JRepp23

    Jordan IX. White,black, metallic gold. February release.

    Tried to find a thread on this pair. Didn't so I gave it a shot. I like em though. Will purchase for sure if they don't have a limited tag to them.
  14. JRepp23

    Nostagia Thread.

       I know a lot of folks in here are very critical about the quality of shoes they spend their money on.  And rightfully so.  I wanted to start a thread to GET AWAY from the hype, the fake/real, the economics of business to just get back to why we buy.  If you all have the time, post your...
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