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    OFFICIAL 2020-2021 NBA Season Thread: Chapter 11- addict2nonsense coming tomorrow as Steph propaganda ramps back up

    After an unprecedented year filled with tragedy, trials and tribulations that will be looked at as once in a lifetime event for all of us, a small reprieve was granted in a bubble in Orlando, FL some 72 days ago. At that point the Los Angeles Lakers outlasted all their foes, against all odds and...
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    California Wildfires

    My gawd man. This looks like Mordor. 405 is pretty close to me. All my fellow Angelenos on the Westside and in the valley be safe.
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    **NT S&T ESPN Fantasy Basketball Thread** Draft 10/11 @ 9EST/6PST

    I guess it'd be easier to post the news and stuff here rather than clutter the NBA thread up since it moves so quickly. Scoring: Head to Head Points Points (PTS) 1 Blocks (BLK) 2 Steals (STL) 2 Assists (AST) 1.5 Offensive Rebounds (OREB) 1.5 Defensive Rebounds (DREB) 1 Turnovers (TO) -1.5 Field...
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    OFFICIAL NBA 2017-2018 Off-Season Thread

    After the best offseason in NBA history, media days are here, training camps begin tomorrow and the preseason starts on Friday. Here's to what hopefully is a great and entertaining season even though the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Biggest question right now looming over the league is...
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    Official 2017 NBA Offseason Thread: Media Days begin

    Congratulations to the 2017 NBA champion Golden State Warriors. This is going to be an interesting summer as teams try to compete with Golden State or maybe they don't and just ride it out. Draft is next Thursday.
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    NT S&T Shoe Draft

    WELCOME TO THE S&T SHOES DRAFT Rules: This will be a snake draft, everyone is welcome to join. The draft will have 4 rounds, each pick will have 1 hour time limit. If you miss your pick, it will be skipped. If you have been skipped you do not need to ask, just come back into the thread as...
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    UNAMEITCHALLENGE vol:beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes

    Unlike the mannequin challenge this one actually requires some skill. And the beat is fiye, literally goes with everything. There's been remixes as well to a few songs as well lIke DMX. Don't know why but the lady in church that is scanning after Pastor Shirley says "LOOK" has me in...
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    XB1 NBA 2K17 Online League Thread: Signup now

    Well 2K finally looks to have actually made some improvements to the mode that used to be great, but seriously has been lacking on next gen. The draft additions, keeper player options just to start seem like will make this game great again.  So we'll likely doing a fantasy draft like always...
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    Black Mamba Pack

    Don't know if this is supposed to be here on in the retro thread but anyway...
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    Hennypalooza LA

    Missed the first one but it's back March 26th. Anybody going? Tix on sale starting tonight @9pm
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    Complex Greatest Rapper Alive 79-15 Rarely ever read anything complex does but this actually wasn't too bad at all. Whoever did the artwork it was dope as hell. Thoughts and qualms with the list? I think the majority of the list was spot on...
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    Official NT 2K16 PS4 Online League |NT 2.0 Draft 10/7 10PMest/7 PMpst |

    For those that have been here a few years every 2K that came out for a while we always had a league going, but unfortunately 2K stopped giving a damn about the online aspect it seems. They stripped the features of the mode down and made it pretty much impossible to even attempt to draft or play...
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    Gears of War Ultimate Edition Thread vol. Can't stop the Cole Train Baby

    Releases on Tuesday, August 25th 2015. $39.99 Greatest franchise on Xbox returns in 1080p and 60fps glory. Who's ready to bust some heads in canals for old times sake? List your GT and we can get some NT Versus and Co-op poppin.
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    Definitely felt that in Beverly Hills. My first one since moving here.
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    BYOC @ 7/11: All you can drink Slurpees

    Any container today until 7pm local time, fill yourself with sugary goodness and get the ultimate brain freeze. Think it's only 1.49$ Already seem pics of people bringing kiddie pools, sand castle buckets, and pots today.
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    NBA 2K15 Online League XBOX ONE: INVITES SENT OUT. Check post 1.

    UPDATE #1: Well it's that time of year again fellas, 2K Sports is about to usher in another year of NBA basketball on next gen and after the debacle that was 2K14 online wise with the entire interface and general difficulty of creating and maintaining of the online league system, this is...
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    2014 ESPYs Thread TONIGHT 9PM EST/6PM PST

    The gawd hosts: Best Male Athlete Best Female Athlete Best Moment Best Team Best Comeback Athlete Best Breakthrough Athlete Best Championship Performance Best Game Best Upset Best NFL Player Best NBA Player Best MLB Player Best NHL Player Best Driver Best Coach/Manager Best Fighter Best...
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    OFFICIAL 2014 NBA Playoff Predictions Thread

    Matchups are all set, here's to an entertaining playoffs. 1st Round: EAST 1. Indiana Pacers v 8. Atlanta Hawks (IND in 5) 4. Chicago Bulls v 5. Washington Wizards (CHI in 6) 3. Toronto Raptors v 6. Brooklyn Nets (BKN in 6) 2. Miami Heat v 7. Charlotte Bobcats (MIA in 5) WEST 1. San Antonio...
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    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: 7/11/14

    Body is ready. Gary Oldman = WIN. Seems like this is going to be a darker turn for the film. Anybody else looking forward to it?
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    Official NBA 2K14 PS4 League Thread *IMPORTANT UPDATE in 1st post*

    -Update Due to the fact that for some reason the rosters @juicyju uploaded didn't have exactly who everyone drafted, I went this morning and uploaded a set of my own. I double and triple checked everything (took about 4 hrs to complete) so everything should be good. I'm going to put the list of...
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