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  1. bleudevil

    Nike 30th Anniversary “Just Do It” Campaign.

    Let me just say this thread isn’t going to be for everyone. If your not capable of responding in a respectful, none malice, forward thinking, and open minded manner just ignore this topic altogether. Hopefully this thread will not get flagged for hate post or inciting controversial responses...
  2. bleudevil

    WTB AJ1 Lance Mountain Whit sz 13

    WTB Lance Mountain White AJ1 DS perferably sz 13
  3. bleudevil

    Legit check Jordan 3Lab5s.

    Got a pair Jordan 3Labs5s I could use a legit check on before I consider the purchase. Thanks in advance guys.
  4. bleudevil

    Legit check Jordan 1s Sz 13

    Found a pair of Jordan 1s. Just wanted to see if anybody could shed some light on these with a quick legit check. Thanks in advance fellas......or ladies
  5. bleudevil

    NOLA Sneakerheads Pickups & Info ALA,MS,TEX Welcome

    Alright whats up people I'm from New Orleans Uptown 17THWD Pigeon Town but if your not from the NO you probably dont know and dont care what that is. What you do care about if your here, is kicks! Theres not many places to get kicks if your from the South unless your in Texas honestly. So lets...
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