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  1. ricerocket1

    Twitter Post Not showing on Browsers

    Hi For some reason twitter post is not showing on Chrome browsers, tried work and home computer and laptop they all the same. Funny thing it works when im on mobile. Also this works when using Firefox. Mobile Browsing Cookies are being allowed just dont know what else
  2. ricerocket1

    Coachella 2014

    Welps just got my flights and tickets for coachella weekend #2. i still don't have a place to stay. currently looking for a car or tent pass. am i screwed? post some of your experiences NT and tips. thanks
  3. ricerocket1

    Girls Season 2.

    Season 2 started today....good episode...Allison Williams :smokin :smokin :smokin
  4. ricerocket1

    S&T Brethren give me your 2 cents

    Last nights game STL vs Nats...was it a chokejob by the Nationals or a great comeback by STL?
  5. ricerocket1

    How old is your sn? Vol. I

    Ricerocket1 turning 5 this june. Yours?
  6. ricerocket1

    Official Xbox360 Call of Duty: BLACK OPS Tournament Thread. UPDATE TEAMS/SCHEDULE PG 1

    I will be updating this thread every Thursday, so thedeadline to be added on the “List
  7. ricerocket1

    Girl Talk Appreciation Post. Vol. First?

    One of my coworkers put me on Girl Talk. Good choice of music to mix. Good for working out and specially good for putting on during house parties. Any artist that is similar to this?
  8. ricerocket1

    Recreation Soccer League Questions. VOL. I just wanna play

    So im looking around san francisco bay area for some recreation soccer league, never played in a organized game before and pretty much just pick up games with my buddies. my question are: for those that play is being in a intermediate level league is too hard to play in? we're not bunch of out...
  9. ricerocket1

    Vancouver...Whats good?

    gonna be @ vancouver at the end of the month, wondering what's a good spot to eat and of course where's the nightlife at...thanks for your contribution  
  10. ricerocket1

    Vancouver...Whats good?

    gonna be @ vancouver at the end of the month, wondering what's a good spot to eat and of course where's the nightlife at...thanks for your contribution  
  11. ricerocket1

    Happy Birthday and Paul Appreciation Thread

    Happy Birthday Buddy, your 25 now, what else can i say...let life comes to you.
  12. ricerocket1

    Going to Mexico City for 24hrs vol. jack bauer

    well guys im going to mexico city for a day, anything that is a must do while im there?
  13. ricerocket1

    how should i go about doing this?

    aight nt i need a gameplan met a chick, caught my interest here's a catch...she got a bf of 3 years i believe and well dude is a repeat offender (cheated on her a lot) recently was earlier this year. So what should i do about this? since i aint got no pic i figure ill post something better...
  14. ricerocket1

    NT I need advice Vol. Eyeglasses folks come on in!

    Im going to the eye doctor tommorow to get an eye exam and probably get fitted for eyeglasses just wondering what kind of frames did yall got? advice onpicking the right one for me? mine is just going to be mostly for school and not pics if you can!
  15. ricerocket1

    NT...My dog died...

    so last night my dog passed away...he fell of a ledge over the weekend and broke a rib...took him to the vet yesterday and they gave him some pain medicationsince he has a labored breathing, we left him at the vet and while i was at school i got the bad news...i never knew it would hurt this...
  16. ricerocket1

    Moving to a new city Vol. Need advice

    NT! i need some advice planning to move to a new city...preperably San Diego im from San Francisco...wondering what's the checklist to look for regarding about looking for a newplace and getting a job at that area...anyone here have any experience making such move before? im planning on staying...
  17. ricerocket1

    Girl Problem Vol. I lost her

    NT i need help... I lost the girl that i love for 2+ years we are both 24...reason i wasnt motivated enough for her, for our future she said all i do is work and living paycheck to pay check...she asked me a question what ill be in two years and for the first time in my life i had no answer...
  18. ricerocket1

    Apatment Help!

    My NT brethen, i come here with hat in going to get my own place this january i know its 3 months from now but wondering what are the must haveessentials to have in a apt? is it better to have a roommate to cut the cost? i live in the bay area so i know the rent will cost me an arm and...
  19. ricerocket1

    to my kababayan i need advice! vol. goin back in december!

    hello all! well its that time of the year for me and im going back home again this december 26th for a good month...i know im going to be missing christmas butim pumped for the fireworks in new years...i was back home last january and hit up some clubs but now since i have more time and...
  20. ricerocket1

    Vegas Help

    Planning a trip to vegas in nov..yay or nay? what's the pros and cons during that month? thanks for the help...oh we might stay at MGM
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