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    Why is Popeyes so slow

    I finally got my hands on this chicken sandwich. I'm not really a spice person but I heard so many good things that I ordered two spicy. My sandwich was room temperature by the time I got home. It was solid but I think I will go back and try the non spicy before I give an official ruling.
  2. 3900stabler Sholarships - We all applied but did anyone ever receive?

    I was talking to my gf last night and we got to reminiscing about high school and this subject came up. i just wanted to know who in here either received or knew someone that received a scholarship through that website.
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    Somebody put me up on Felicia Combs

    The Weather Channel was randomly on in the hotel lobby while i was eating breakfast and i saw her for the first time. She kno she thick. Has she ever been discussed on this board? i must have missed it.
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    Y’all Eating At The Company Potluck?

    Naw bruh. We got the same 6 or 7 people that participate every potluck and they all get sick. I'm a supervisor and my reps always ask me why I dont eat. I just tell them I didn't bring anything. They make these big *** dishes and end up taking half of it back home.
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    What's Herman best win this year? Almost beating LSU? Almost beating Oklahoma? Let me know.
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    Black Culture Discussion Thread

    So chick fil a has shown a commercial with a black with what looks like multiple kids by multiple men thanking them for keeping their doors open later for "family day" and I just saw a commercial where an overweight black grandmother and her grandson shot a commercial thanking a white man for...
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    So Texas fired Charlie Strong nearly 3 years ago and nearly 3 years later they are exactly in same condition as he left it. I wonder if Herman will meet the same fate?
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    How one man brought FILA back from da dead. VOL chicks dig dad shoes

    The Fila wave was so crazy in the early to mid 90's that my momma owned a pair of them. She had the white mid Filas with the African print toward the mid sole. If I'm not mistaken the sole was all black. I remember my mom had those and my dad bought me a pair of those Jamal Mashburn Filas. I...
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    You get your girl of 4 years pregnant and this is how her mom talks to you, how do you react?

    The good Lord gave you a pair of nuts. Let em hang. The only way you and your girl will co-parent successfully is by keeping people (including yall mamas) out your business. If the two of you can't do that it's gonna be 18 long years for you bruh.
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    MJ Opening Low Income Medical Clinics in NC

    Anybody else think this is in response to lebron opening up his own school?
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    Jobless and Frustrated NTers check in VOL. WE NOT-WORKIN!!!

    You have just described my current situation. I'm trying to get out asap.
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    Dallas police woman breaks into home of young man and shoots him to death Update: GUILTY of murder

    She was talking "at" her not to her. She had them like she owned the park. If that ain't some "because I'm white and I say so" type ish i don't know what is.
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    STAY/GET BACK IN SHAPE VOL 3.0 -- A New Niketalk = A New Thread

    I am quad dominant when it comes to squatting so it was suggested that I try boxsquats. It has been a game changer. I have more flexibility in my hips. My quads and hamstrings are less tight. I wish I started doing them years ago.
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    how do you feel about da whole Hong Kong X China X NBA (and other US companies caught in middle) situation?

    You dont get to bully people into activism that appeals to you. It's pretty plain to me that Lebron wants to focus his activism efforts toward blacks in America. That doesn't bother me and it shouldn't bother you.
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    how do you feel about da whole Hong Kong X China X NBA (and other US companies caught in middle) situation?

    " A rising tide lifts all boats". - Obama Maybe the athletes took their queue from him.
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    how do you feel about da whole Hong Kong X China X NBA (and other US companies caught in middle) situation?

    He's the most popular player in a league that is worldwide in terms of exposure. How much more spotlight can he get?
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    how do you feel about da whole Hong Kong X China X NBA (and other US companies caught in middle) situation?

    So if you say nothing about everything and a athlete you are wrong. If you speak out but don't say what people want to hear when it comes to topics they care about you are wrong. People in here expect more out of Lebron then elected officials. No one will ever care about you or your needs...
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