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  1. 3900stabler Sholarships - We all applied but did anyone ever receive?

    I was talking to my gf last night and we got to reminiscing about high school and this subject came up. i just wanted to know who in here either received or knew someone that received a scholarship through that website.
  2. 3900stabler

    Somebody put me up on Felicia Combs

    The Weather Channel was randomly on in the hotel lobby while i was eating breakfast and i saw her for the first time. She kno she thick. Has she ever been discussed on this board? i must have missed it.
  3. 3900stabler

    Shipping Cars Across The Country

    I need help with the process. For those that have what was your experience like? Which shipping company did you use? Any tips or tricks? Im shipping my car from the Midwest to Phoenix in early fall.
  4. 3900stabler

    Would you break up a fight at work?

    We had someone terminated at work today and it could've went left. Nothing physical happened but the police was called. The employee left before they arrived. As a black man I see no upside in getting involved. Thats between hr, upper management and law enforcement if need be.
  5. 3900stabler

    Is there a way around the 2 drink minimum?

    I want to check out this comedy show and this is requirement. I don't drink very often. My thing is just add the an extra $10 to the ticket price and be done with it. How enforceable is this? Will they kick me out if I don't buy the two drinks?
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    When/why did high schools eliminate 2 a days?

    I'm from Michigan and apparently that happened up here a few years ago.
  7. 3900stabler

    How did you pick the Godfather/mother of your child?

    Don't have any kids yet but plan on it in the next couple if years. For those that have kids what was your experience picking the Godfather/mother? Did you pick the friend you had the longest? Your best friend? The one most financially secure? I'm one of the last in crew to have kids but I...
  8. 3900stabler

    Are women complicit in their own objectification?

    Like, how can a woman walk out the house with her T & A out and at the same time say she's being objectified?
  9. 3900stabler

    Quality Joggers under $25???

    Can someone point me in the right direction? Casual or athletic. It don't matter to me.
  10. 3900stabler

    Any free/cheap programs I can use to signature (tag) photos?

    Getting ready to unload a bunch of kicks. I normally put my sn and date on piece of paper. Looking for a more professional touch. Any info appreciated.
  11. 3900stabler

    Can someone tell me the name of this track?

    This has been on my mind for about month now. Everytime I'm in the airport I hear this record. It sounds like a pop or soft rock kind of song. Something you would only hear while at a airport or dentist. The hook goes you're all I need, you're all I see... There are more words but those stick...
  12. 3900stabler

    So give me the truth about working for Comcast as a Community Account Rep?

    A recruiter from Comcast hit me up and told me I would be a good fit so I applied for the position. I'm kind of lukewarm on the position. I found it odd that the recruiter e-mailed a link to apply for the position at 1:00 am today and also wanted to schedule a phone and in person interview asap...
  13. 3900stabler

    What type of additional training and/or certifications are attractive to employers? I need some reco

    Long story short I graduated with a business management degree an handful of years ago. I haven't used my degree yet to land a job. I have been working in a call center for the past four years. Looking to get out asap. Along with business degree what other types of additional training or...
  14. 3900stabler

    Do you like living in/would you move to Phoenix AZ?

    My gf wants me to move to AZ with her. She loves working for Bank of America and wants to see where things go. I have visited once and the only reason I would consider moving there is for the weather. Other than that, Phoenix is just another "solid" city. Honestly, I was a little underwhelmed...
  15. 3900stabler

    Why do so many black Chicago residents have roots in Mississippi?

    Been interested in having this discussion for a while. I live in Michigan and my grandparents are from the South ( VA, GA, AR) respectively. I understand that Jim Crow, racism etc. drove blacks from the South to North along with auto industry booming for Northern cities near lakes. But what...
  16. 3900stabler

    I need to move my shoes to a storage unit...

    Please share your experiences. What am I in for? What's the best way to transport my shoes (about 60 pairs)? Thinking about buying 8 huge carboard boxes and putting the shoes there.I have found a unit (10 x 10) in my area for about $70 a month which is reasonable compared to some other companies.
  17. 3900stabler

    How accurate/reliable is the information on

    I have a family member (won't say who he is) that plays h.s. football and according to rivals schools from the Big 10, Big East and MAC have shown "medium" interest in him. I asked him about this and he told me he hasn't talked to anyone at rivals or anyone from any of those conferences. He...
  18. 3900stabler

    If Bosh is considered a HOFer why aren’t Elton Brand and Carlos Boozer?

    The purpose of my thread is not to debate the legitimacy of Chris Bosh as a HOF. I don’t believe he is a HOFer but I believe he will get in (playing with LBJ & Wade in a large market with a chance to win multiple rings etc). You are not a HOFer in my book if you only make the playoffs 1 time in...
  19. 3900stabler

    When did Compton become 70% Hispanic? Am I late hearing this or was this swept under the rug?

    I was watching the ESPN MLK's Content of Character special and Kevin Powell was discussing the demographic changes in this country and pointed out that Compton, CA is presently 70% hispanic. When did this happen? Is this simply an economic issue (poorest of the poor) or is something else going...
  20. 3900stabler

    Anyone ever live in an efficiency? Please share your experience.

    Long story short I'm looking for my own place. I don't want a roommate but at the same time I don't want to pay a arm and a leg for a one or two bedroom . I have considered looking into an efficiency. At the end of the day all I need is a place to sleep, eat and shower. I can get an efficiency...
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