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  1. nike4kja05


    I didn’t see a thread started for this so I thought it would good to get one going. The season starts in less than 2 weeks so I know a lot of people are having their drafts soon. Anyways any thoughts on who you guys seeing making this biggest jump in Fantasy this year? I’m targeting Myles...
  2. nike4kja05

    Official 2016-2017 Fantasy Basketball Thread

    I thought it would be good time to start this thread up with media day yesterday and training camp starting up this week. I'm definitely looking forward to NBA season to begin already. Some sites do not have their updated rankings list yet but I know rotoworld has been doing some previews stuff...
  3. nike4kja05

    Quick paypal question

    What is the standard method to send money via paypal? Is it to have the goods selection checked under the purchase tab? Does that mean the seller will be charged with the 4% fees? I haven't used paypal in a really long time and I have not bought shoes from another seller in a long time as well...
  4. nike4kja05

    Legit Check Space Jams 2000 Retros

    Sup NT, my friend needs a check on these space jams he just got for trading his doernbecher (sp) IVs. I can't really tell so I'm hoping for some insight on em. He took the photos with his iPhone and the box says Air Jordna which is really odd to me.  Thanks
  5. nike4kja05

    *The Official 2010-2011 Fantasy Basketball Thread*

    I couldn't find any topics on fantasy basketball besides some regarding specific leagues. Please lock if there is one already though. Anyways, had my annual draft with my friends today for our league. Let me know what you think of my team. 1. (5) Stephen Curry PG2. (20) Danny Granger SF,PF3...
  6. nike4kja05

    Quick Question Vol. OJ Mayo PE Hurache 09?

    does anyone know how limited OJ Mayo's PE Huraches 09s are and how much they go for? said limited to 72 pairs but I just wanted to know if that's accurate or not. Thanks for the help NT
  7. nike4kja05

    OFFICIAL: Nike Kobe 5 Rings Tee

    I just saw this posted on nike's facebook page, what do you guys think??? Link to the nike's blog: "Fast-moving. Potent venom. Ferocious attacks. His jab step a mirage - the blow-by on standby. His baseline turnaround an efficient facade...
  8. nike4kja05

    Traffic Ticket Vol. Brake Light Out

    So I got pulled over tonight and was told by the officer my left brake light is out. He gave me a ticket and now I have to appear in court. I've been doing some research on my specific ticket and I believe it's a "fix it ticket" meaning I just need to get my infraction corrected. My question...
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