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  1. N41D

    Switched from iPhone to Android... Group texting help?

    So I broke my iPhone and was able to get an S3 real cheap from AT&T.. The only downside so far is the lack of group messaging capabilities.. Is there an app or some sort of work around through rooting the phone that will help? I want a group text to stay in one thread like it did with the iPhone...
  2. N41D

    Where in the World is Manti Te'o?

    8o Best player in the country... :lol
  3. N41D

    S&T Twitter Roundup

    I know we've probably had one of the before but I finally got with the times and signed up... If there's already a thread with a list of everyone's names, link it for me and lock this down... If not, post and [email protected]
  4. N41D

    It's time for somebody to do something with Sergio Kindle...

    Arrested for a DUI in Baltimore... After supposedly having more than one swept under the rug in Austin, the "narcolepsy" BS and now this... There's some serious issues at hand here. Get this dude off the road before we have another Donte Stallworth incident on our hands.
  5. N41D

    Rangers/Rays Game 5

    Did some Bible beating moron complain about Devil Rays? The little ray of light on their jerseys and in the outfield looks so gay. The Devil Ray was BAD +#+ imo... Oh, go Cliff Lee, go.
  6. N41D

    Major League Baseball: End of Season Awards/Playoff Predictions Thread

    AL MVP: Josh Hamilton AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez AL ROY: Neftali Feliz AL MOY: Ron Gardenhire NL MVP: Joey Votto NL Cy Young: Roy Halladay NL ROY: Jaime Garcia NL MOY: Bruce Bochy ALDS: Rays over Rangers, Yankees over Twins NLDS: Phillies over Reds, Giants over Braves ALCS: Rays over Yankees...
  7. N41D

    ESPN 30 for 30: Run Ricky Run ... Tomorrow Night

    Of all the documentaries thus far, I've looked forward to this one the most... Ricky is THAT DUDE and I've always kinda been fascinated by him away from the football field... He's definitely a different breed kinda dude and I'm very interested to see how in-depth they go with his personal life...
  8. N41D

    All You NCAA Football/Gaming Heads...

    Don't know if it's been posted in the big gaming thread in General since I don't read it, but just wanted to pass this along... EA Sports Site Use promo code: PAXEAST842 ... $20 off.
  9. N41D

    Tech Heads: Laptop Advice

    I'm looking for a new laptop to use basically only for work functions.. E-mail, Word, Excel, etc... I've got a Macbook that's a couple years old and does all this already but for the sake of simplicity I want to get something else so I can keep work and personal use completely separate... I'm...
  10. N41D

    Marquis Daniels' Swag Reaches All-Time High...

    Did I miss this? 
  11. N41D

    Baseball Heads: USA Today's 100 Names You Need To Know

    Not gonna copy and paste all of it since it's super long, but a great read if you're looking for guys to keep an eye on... Link Top 10... 1. Neftali Feliz, RHP, Rangers                     See profile here Club W-L...
  12. N41D

    Rex Ryan's Diet Plan Vol: 7000 calories a day

    Rex Ryan maintains his girlish figure with 7,000 calories a day By MJD According to the New York Post, Rex Ryan, the brilliant head coach of the New York Jets, consumes 7,000 calories a day. There are several African nationswith entire populations that don't consume 7,000 calories a day. He's...
  13. N41D

    Texas at Texas A&M: Happy Thanksgiving, Folks...

    Jeff Fuller EARLY
  14. N41D

    Hold up, did I miss this? Angel Villalona stripped of US Visa...

    For allegedly killing a dude back in the Dominican? And then offering the family nearly $140K to drop the lawsuit? Terrible news for the Giants if true... Linked
  15. N41D

    So Tim Donaghy wrote a book and the NBA squashed it? Am I late?

    Deadspin apparently snaked a copy...
  16. N41D

    Preparing for the GMAT... Advice?

    I'm just starting getting ready to take the GMAT in February or March and I'm just looking for advice from people that have taken it... What to expect,what kinda prep stuff worked best for yall... Courses? Books? Online Programs? Most of the courses I've found are expensive as hell and I just...
  17. N41D

    Jim Tracy should be fired tomorrow...

    Rockies up 4-2 in the Top of the 9th at home with their season on the line... Ryan Howard steps to the plate with two runners on and two outs... Huston Streeton the mound... So Ryan Howard comes up as the go ahead run... Get him out and you send this thing back to Philly and keep your season...
  18. N41D

    The MLB Regular Season Is Over... Does Anybody Still Want To Debate The AL MVP?

    .365 Batting Average .444 OBP .587 Slugging 1.031 OPS 28 home runs 96 RBI 94 runs Team comes back from a 7-game deficit and wins the division with Justin Morneau having not played in damn near a month... Ladies and Gentlemen, your unanimous selection for 2009 American League Most Valuable...
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