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  1. BigDom45

    Air Jordan 1 Black/Pale Vanilla-Starfish (SBB 3.0).. October 26th 2019

    Anybody notice how these are cut higher than the obsidian 1s 🤔
  2. BigDom45

    November WDYWT Thread

    Working from home has me on a sweatpants hiatus lol plus it's rainy today.
  3. BigDom45

    Air Jordan 8 retro X Pendleton N7 - 11/7/19 - $200

    Yikes that toebox makes em look worn right out the box.
  4. BigDom45

    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    Just finished Fractured. It's a good film check it out.
  5. BigDom45

    Da baggy era, a fashion retropective.

    Most comfortable jeans ever made. Just use the scraps at the bottom so they wont smoother ya kicks.
  6. BigDom45

    Y’all Eating At The Company Potluck?

    I rarely even like eating out these days considering how nasty some people are and just complet disregard for others health.
  7. BigDom45

    Y’all Eating At The Company Potluck?

    Hell to the nawl. I rather put in money to have smthn catered.
  8. BigDom45

    October Pickup Thread

    Think I'm about to snatch me a pair of these XXs up. My favorite out that regional batch.
  9. BigDom45

    Air Jordan 1 Black/Pale Vanilla-Starfish (SBB 3.0).. October 26th 2019

    I miss this being a normal thing. Seeing who could get the best fit off on release day. Now everyone keeps DS just anxious to see if resale goes crazy. I digress. The orange laces look pretty good.
  10. BigDom45

    October Pickup Thread

  11. BigDom45

    October Pickup Thread

    That jacket ill
  12. BigDom45

    Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

    Did anyone else FTL timer start earlier? If I wouldn't have looked before 6pm I would have missed the reserve.
  13. BigDom45

    Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

    Nothing under 700 yet. I'm being patient.
  14. BigDom45

    Clarks Wallabees Appreciation GOAT

    Info on that top pair. Surprised I never seen those before.
  15. BigDom45

    Breaking Bad Thread - "El Camino" - A Breaking Bad Movie on Netflix 10/11

    Im not mad at the movie. I mean what can you really expect with no Walt. One of the few times we actually get closure on a show.
  16. BigDom45

    the thread about nothing...

    Congrats man! Nothing like excelling.
  17. BigDom45

    the thread about nothing...

    I hate lateral moves with no increase in pay. Who's to say you'll be at the job long enough for advancement after taking the "boring lateral position". There might be another opportunity on the way as long as you're putting in the work somebody will notice. I like having a good time at work...
  18. BigDom45

    the thread about nothing...

    Horrible supervisor for pointing you out and basically making you the fall guy for any backlash for what he or she was saying smh.
  19. BigDom45

    October WDYWT Tread

    Those on foot shots of the Brons look pretty good. Such a clean colorway.
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