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  1. mrwavez

    NT, what are good part time jobs that DON'T involve customer service?

    I've just about had it with my job...I was already growing tired of working 3 days a week and thinking of quitting and then the AM goes and quits so I've been working 5 days a week for the past 3 weeks while going to school every day and i just can't do it. I've been telling myself just wait for...
  2. mrwavez

    Where can I find an affordable beer pong table?

    Right now it's looking like I'm about to get a $60 one from Spencer's(I think it's 6.5 ft, BP fold up table), they have another $60 one at Walmart is like 8 ft heavy duty looking plastic top, fold up table (kinda like the ones at school functions) Anyone know where to find a good sz table under...
  3. mrwavez

    If Webbie does another interviewer like this, is he the GOAT?

    :rollin :rollin real tears man
  4. mrwavez

    What's there to do in Dallas?

    What's up NT fam. I was going to go to LA. Had the free flights, hotel picked out, and everything. Then i couldn't find any place to rent a car cuz I'm 19 and don't have a major credit card just a debit card with a lot of money on it lol. So basically my plans fell through so imma just drive to...
  5. mrwavez

    SAMPLE HEADS : How many pairs of the Lebron HWC and 112 are there actually in existence.

    I was just wondering. I have the 112s and i just purchased the HWC. I always hear oh there's only __(12-18-32-48 blah blah) pairs in existence but when i scroll through IG it seems that more than enough people have them. If anyone knows a definite answer as to how many there are, I'd like to...
  6. mrwavez

    Would you say most men cheat on their wives?

    When I was younger I used think once you get older everyone is married and commited. But as I got older I starting being around my dad and his friends more and they all talk like we do...still out there chasing random chicks, getting numbers etc, and essentially cheating. My dad's guilty of this...
  7. mrwavez

    Sara Jay (pornstar) getting decked LOL bruh *gif time*

    with the cig still in the mouth :rollin :smokin
  8. mrwavez

    WTF is this...cops shoot man 13 times

  9. mrwavez

    What happen to the mobile NT app?

    is it still coming out? or is it out and im not finding it? sorry if wrong place....
  10. mrwavez

    why is the buy/sell forum dead?

    let me go ahead and say sorry if this is wrong place to post this but straight up why is the forum so dead...there used to be so many post and sales...steals, variety. what happened?
  11. mrwavez

    August Alsina.......dude is pretty dope...

    Party n BS and Illest B alive cover... (dont know how to embed)
  12. mrwavez

    Can I Get a Refill....Yo this song is dope!!

    someone embed...
  13. mrwavez

    Legit check on Vdeezy? Vol. No paypal

    So i been talking to this guy about buying some kicks and he just barely told me he has no paypal...from this point idk what to say(besides "nevermind, im good").  Is there even another way to SAFELY/SECURELY pay besides paypal? (dude is in the Philippines btw) Has anyone on here did business...
  14. mrwavez

    NT Detectives, help me get some more info on this scamming clown.

    His name is Andrew Martinez, he is scamming people in my city with some paypal @+%+ i believe, he lives in Salem, Virginia...goes to a college out there and everything. deleted his FB real quick once he got like 4 people.  this is taken from one of the dudes he got: "Yes that dude. He tried to...
  15. mrwavez

    Does anyone remember "Waynehead?"

    we prolly still have this show on VHS somewhere in my garage
  16. mrwavez

    Funny Story: My first time at the club. Vol. I left but not in my car SMH

    So i just recently turned 18 and what not, so im pumped to go the the club with my boys and a couple female. Its me, and 3 of my boys(2 are like my brother, while the other one is like a dude we chill wit every now and then), with 2 females. we go to the club, one of the females is like one of...
  17. mrwavez

    Is Holy Grail Goods still a legit place to order from?

    Just wondering, their site seems outdated and I just placed an order for CTK lebrons and I was wondering if they were legit, their phone numbers on there but I called and it said message box full smh. I prolly should have asked BEFORE I ordered but I @@%*%$ up, can anyone shed some light? Thanks...
  18. mrwavez

    NT, Gif request please lol

  19. mrwavez

    NT, who can customize these for me??? ONE OF THE BEST FOAMS I EVER SEEN.

    Did this custom even come from a NTer? or is this a photoshop??
  20. mrwavez

    TF have i been missing out on?? THIS IS SOOO DOPE NT PUT ME ON!!!!

    soooo chill.....
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