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  1. jay6jay

    How much times can a person really be in love?

    I was in love "thrice" so i thought. It wasn't until now that I am in love with my girl that I realized all those other times were just infatuation and strong lust.I see so many individuals talk about being in love with everyone they dated and that number could go up the the double digits This...
  2. jay6jay

    If you watch multiple reality shows catered to women, please turn in your man card.

    All the real housewives shows Kardashian shows Hip hop love. Bad girls club One or two occasionally is understandable because tv is garbage lately but if you watch these shows and gossip like a lady about it....... If these are your prime time lines up please leave you card on the desk...
  3. jay6jay

    What type of person are you?

    Nice or mean Arrogant or humble. Patient or impatient. Encourager or discourager. Shy or out going Home body or All day all nighter I'm a arrogant nice patient encourager.I don't get mad when cashiers take forever, I usually try to uplift people. I open doors doors for women and men...
  4. jay6jay

    Light clean looking thoughts

    Post your thoughts
  5. jay6jay

    Wedding songs?

    I'm in charge of the mix tape for a wedding give me some ideas please Maybe some hood wedding songs.
  6. jay6jay

    Club 27 on misc asking...

    Club 27 post pics of him and his chick on misc forum bodybuluding and ask who looks better Can he be voted off the NT island
  7. jay6jay

    How many yambs you piped and you either loved or like

    Spin off How many yambs have you smashed and you actually loved the the female 2 out of 15
  8. jay6jay

    Stranger deal breakers?

    What are some random things that will stop you from approaching a female/ male? For example if I see a chick has designer everything on, I'm not getting at her cause I am cheap. Real big keychain with a lot of stuff on it. You?
  9. jay6jay

    Are you aggressive or passive when it comes to getting at females ?

    Looking at the TAY I see a lot of dudes worrying about the next dude and how he gets at a chick.I for one am passive. This isn't about thirst, it's just about the way you try to get at most if your females. I sometimes talk to random chicks and go hard, but for the most part I like to...
  10. jay6jay

    Things you have done to not be harassed , profiled or accused?

    What are some of the things you have done to avoid this? Walking in a convenient store with your hands showing and making sure you say hi to the clerk. Making one friend go into the convenient store while you and your friends wait outside For example a gay couple avoiding holding hands at...
  11. jay6jay

    Benefits of being single.

    Don't have to shave (team beard) Do what I want when I want More focused Post the benefits
  12. jay6jay

    Do you limit your

    Post because you don't want to have a high post count?
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