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    Is your gf/wife your number one?

    Is your current gf or wife, your favorite or best sexual partner? Mine is and it’s not even close. Is it like that for everyone?
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    EBay starter

    I wanted to get rid of some my shoes that I don't wear. I'm having trouble moving them on CL, OfferUp because I wear a large size. I haven't sold on eBay in like 10 years, I heard it's changed a lot. How should I price my items and what should I do to protect myself from scammers. Thanks.
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    BEST EARPHONES????????????

    What are the best earbuds with a microphone on the market? Best value? Best sound? Best durability?
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    Kixify vs Ebay vs other?????

    Whats currently the best website to sell shoes on? I heard eBay has horrible seller protection this true or overblown? I haven't heard too much about Kixify or StockX and I dont know if they reach a large audience. I know theres local Facebook groups, I wear larger size so I feel...
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    Is it possible to sole swap a cleated bottom off a shoe for a flat bottom? This guy never did an update to this video.
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    Anybody listen to the new Coldplay album "A Head Full Of Dreams"?
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    WHITE DRI FIT?????

    How do yall keep your white dri fit shirts looking new? Do you bleach them or use Oxi clean? My white dri fits keep getting smudges or eventually turn kinda off white.
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    Mother who breastfeeds her friend's son as well Legit outrage or fake outrage?
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    Does anybody on this site play Madden Mobile?
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    THE LEBRON 13 THREAD *Elites released**Command Force 6/11/16

    The Lebron 13 The LEBRON 13 combines lockdown fit and dynamic cushioning to match LeBron James’s power and speed. The shoe's top three performance features include: 1. BREATHABLE, SOCK-LIKE FIT FOR FLEXIBILITY AND LOCKDOWN The breathable mesh upper hugs the foot, while Flywire technology...
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    I was having this debate, Basically if a girl is the best sex you ever hard and doesn't have any major drawbacks the majority of guys will marry her True of false? What are yalls views on this?
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    I see alot sites with basic workout programs Where can you find an online workout program? One that enter your maxes and the program puts out your exercises with weights Instead of just saying on the workout Bench Press 3 x 10 It would say Bench Press 3 x 10 225 Preferably an athletic...
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    Groom attacked new wife on wedding night because he couldn't get her dress off

    A bride’s fairytale wedding day ended in a nightmare beating. Amy Dawson said her groom attacked her on their wedding night because he couldn’t help her out of her white gown. Groom Gavin Golightly eventually admitted to the August attack, The Mirror reported. The two have since divorced. But...
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    The Official Kobe X iD thread

    The Kobe X ID launches on February 7th 2015. Put your iD creations in here Premium All Star iD options now available...
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    I was on IG and was I was using the hashtag #bhm to look up the photos of the upcoming shoes I came across photos of this The other hashtag on the photo was #feeder, #feedee Theres a bunch of other IG photos with this same hashtags Like this What is this lifestyle? Do any of yall...
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    HANDCUFFED TEEN SAVES COPS LIFE A handcuffed teenager being booked into jail helped save a cop's life after the officer collapsed in front of him with a heart attack. Jamal Rutledge was...
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    MY HUSBANDS NOT GAY A new reality show featuring men who say they are attracted to men but do not identify themselves as gay is stirring up real-life controversy as thousands have signed a petition to stop the show. “My...
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    GOT KIDS? STAY MARRIED One expert's controversial take on marriage, divorce and staying together for the sake of the kids. People often say that you shouldn't stay married for the sake of the kids. After all...
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    INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS ON THE RISE....WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN? The United States prides itself on being a melting pot of cultures. In light of current events, it’d be naive to say that the contents of the pot has seamlessly mixed together, but there’s one...
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