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  1. combo gd

    the thread about nothing...

    Dwight Howard recently picked up all of my books while he was hanging out on Venice Beach. He is a pretty cool.
  2. combo gd

    drops , by kyle j. kostic

    What's up NT? I am just released my 4th published book, a poetry book entitled drops. The pictures of my other books are below as well. Once again, NT... thank you for the inspiration. Peace. - kyle
  3. combo gd

    Time travel thread

    Meditation is time travel. When you unconsciously meditate with the intention of accessing positive moments from your past, your body intuitively receives the positive energy of those past moments. The opposite is when you consciously think about negative moments from your past, and your body...
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    My stomach is hurting from laughing at the album covers :rofl::pimp:
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    Does NT still hate me? Does NT still not believe in me?
  6. combo gd

    Black Culture Discussion Thread

  7. combo gd

    US - New Horror by Jordan Peele - OUT NOW

    Spoiler: At the end of the movie, the family killed their duality. At that moment, they also had an epiphany. They realized that they were pimped by American culture. The little boy putting his mask back on and smirking symbolized him putting back on the front like he was still asleep, when he...
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    Air max 720 2019 Thread

    I look forward to white based colorways of these.
  9. combo gd

    Air Jordan XXXIII first info

    I can't pull the trigger on the grey pair at retail, even though I really like them. I hope I can catch them on a discount, or on sale at some point.
  10. combo gd

    Kyle Cured Cancer ... 4/1/19
  11. combo gd

    Kyle Cured Cancer ... 4/1/19

    I am world history, right now. I wrote the cure to cancer. I lived it, conceptualized it, and articulated it in front of everyone’s eyes. I am not afraid to say it. Don’t worry, I hate myself too. At the end of the book, The DEATH OF a CANCER patient ii... the last sentence is ****, Kyle. The...
  12. combo gd

    Kyle Cured Cancer ... 4/1/19

    To all of the people that were skeptical when I stated that people wanted to kill me because of what I knew about cancer... please take into consideration that recently murdered rapper Nipsey Hustle was in the process of making a documentary about health and holistic healing. Is he dead because...
  13. combo gd

    Kyle Cured Cancer ... 4/1/19

    Update: It is now April 1, 2019. I published the book, "The DEATH OF a CANCER patient" on March 31, 2018. I went from a terminal cancer patient to being in the best shape of my life today. The entire story was documented on my blog on my Instagram...
  14. combo gd

    Solange why did you cut your hair? You was top 5 baby

    I'm not a fan of that twitter video, but Solange herself is beautiful and her new album is literally already one of my all time favorites.
  15. combo gd

    US - New Horror by Jordan Peele - OUT NOW

    I like how the movie showed how fear, coercion, and manipulation are a part of WS ideals and American culture... and how those seeds are systematically planted into the unconscious mind of all races at a very young age. I am happy that the family fought the demons that were buried in their...
  16. combo gd

    ***Official Political Discussion Thread***

    @jape The utter disrespect. It is cool. I have compassion for you. I am still going to respond to you, and give you a chance to have a real conversation. I was on topic with my original post... so do not act like I am making this response to talk about myself. I am just making this post to...
  17. combo gd

    ***Official Political Discussion Thread***

    Feel free to quote anything you question backed up with a respectful rebuttal. I will just ignore anything else you have to say if it isn't relevant to the discussion. ...
  18. combo gd

    ***Official Political Discussion Thread***

    Here are my thoughts on global warming. To all of those who read, enjoy.
  19. combo gd

    Toni Harris "I believe im going to be the first female NFL player"

    Her mixtape was PAINFUL to watch
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