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  1. DeadsetAce

    *************2019 NikeTalk S&T NFL Pick Em Groups: Survivor and ATS***************

    it's that time of year, guys. here are the links for both the survivor and pick em groups. Password for both is: ntknows. Use your NT name as your pickset name so we know it's you. Survivor: Pick one team each week to win straight up, but you can only pick a team once the entire the season. So...
  2. DeadsetAce

    ---OFFICIAL 2019 New England Patriots Season Thread--- Titans @ Pats - WC Weekend

    Officially that time..... REGULAR SEASON Schedule thoughts? I like that the @ Miami game is in week 2 and outta the way early, even though it will be warmer. Bye week at a perfect time (leaving room for a Gronk return?). 2 games @ home to close the season out is nice. Hosting the Steelers...
  3. DeadsetAce

    NFL Divisional Weekend - Week in Review - Home Cooking Edition

    - All four home favorites taking care of business after a crazy WC weekend - Tthe better QB in each matchup also won...which was similar to WC weekend - Did not expect to blow the Chargers out like that but glad to finally see up play that type of football. We been waiting to see THAT game all...
  4. DeadsetAce

    NFL Week in Review - Week 17 - Black Monday Edition

    Post your thoughts, observations, and typical trash *** takes from the final regular season week of games.... - Mike Tomlin is just an upper middle class version Marvin Lewis - The Eagles clearly used the #2 overall pick on a non-essential player - Jason Garrett a god damn fool - Bill...
  5. DeadsetAce

    NFL Week in Review - Week 14 - Gronk Is Not a Safety, Bill

    Yesterday was a kick in the **** but at least we got some help from Oakland and Indy. Anyway... - NFL referees and kickers are total garbahhhge…replay has become a crutch and properly inflated balls are tough to kick - Jags have officially quit on the 2018 season - Belichick the “genius” -...
  6. DeadsetAce

  7. DeadsetAce

    NFL Week In Review - Week 9 - Brady v Fraud Edition

    Filling in for @Chester McFloppy once again.... @junglejim fire away!!!! Post your thoughts, reactions, observations, and general trash *** takes from this past week's action. - Tom Brady is the GOAT and no one should dare talk about Fraud in the same sentence/light/universe as Brady, Marino...
  8. DeadsetAce

    NFL Week In Review - Week 8 - The Fraudgers and Thielen Edition

    Post your thoughts, observations, and trash takes from this past weekend's NFL action.... - Aaron Fraudgers, yet again, fails to overcome a monstrous 1 point deficit in the 4th quarter against a +.500 team (4-40, now) - Aaron Fraudgers led a drive that resulted in 3 plays for minus 6 yards...
  9. DeadsetAce

    NFL Week In Review - Week 5 - Where are you, Ches??? :(

    Our buddy Chuck is MIA after the homie Conor got RNC'd the **** out so I'll step in for this week. Post your observations, cold takes, hot takes, and trash takes from week 5 action across the NFL..... - Pats blowing out teams that they SHOULD be blowing out…still a cause for concern on...
  10. DeadsetAce

    Week In Review - Week 1 - Undercooked Rolls Edition

    Hola Amigos…filling in for @Chester McFloppy today since he’s got a busy morning Post your observations, trash opinions, and garbage takes from Week 1. - Tom Brady at 41 doesn’t miss a beat despite losing 3 of his favorite targets… - DeShaun looked bad. Accuracy way off...
  11. DeadsetAce

    ******NT Survivor and Pick Em (ATS) Groups - CONGRATS TO 651!!!!****

    join up...groups will lock come Thursday Noon, EST. Sign up and name your pick-sets after your NT name so we know who you are as a reminder, in survivor it's pick one game each week. one strike and you're out. you can only use a team once for the entire year. the normal pick em group is...
  12. DeadsetAce

    -----The Official New England Patriots 2018 Season Thread - (14-5) - 6 Time Super Bowl CHAMPS!!!

    With training camp underway, figured it was time to make this thread. Key Additions: Trent Brown Jason McCourty Sony Michel Isaiah Wynn Coradelle Patterson Jordan Matthews Danny Shelton Adrian Clayborn Braxton Berrios Duke Dawson Christian Sam Keion Crossen JC Jackson (undrafted) Key...
  13. DeadsetAce

    NFL Week In Review - Week 11 - Bandwagon Clown Club Edition

    Week 11 in Review - post your thoughts and takes. Before I go, RIP to Terry Glenn. Gone too soon. - The Pats just own Jack Del Rio - Who’s the idiot whose idiot “friend” asked why the Patriots signed Brandin Cooks? - That 62 yarder, elevation or not, was a bomb and good from probably 72 yards...
  14. DeadsetAce

    ****S&T's NFL Survivor and Pick Em Pools -2 PLAYERS LEFT****

    Both of these are on Yahoo: As always, name your picksets the same as your NT screenname so we know who is who. NT Survivor Pool Info: Group ID 3869 Group Password goodellaba NT Pick Em Pool Info...
  15. DeadsetAce

    NT S&T Wrestlers Draft Thread - Poll is Up. Rock the Vote

    Originally Posted by im that one View Post If there are more than 10 people that want to be in the draft, just add to the list. 1. ITO 2. The Collector 3. A55a5in 4. DSA 5. HNL HI 6. Mamba MVP 7. Jcmojica24 8. Stillin 9. Spacedoodoo 10. @im that one you able to get in here? 8o
  16. DeadsetAce

    NFL Week In Review - Week 9

    Hot, Medium, and Cold Takes - NE, ATL, DAL, AFC one else matters at this point in the season. Everyone else is basically an 8-8 team or worse - Pittsburgh needs Ben to get better FAST - Aaron Rodgers throwing teammates under the bus, again. Someone get this fraud a mirror - Remember...
  17. DeadsetAce

    ***2016-17 NFL PREDICTIONS THREAD*** Be Bold, Be a Homer, Be Realistic - Your Call

    Post your predictions for the upcoming season. Standings, player awards, SB winner, bold predictions...have at it!
  18. DeadsetAce


    It's about that time. This is the SURVIVOR pick em league (pick one game each week, can only pick each team once a year, one strike and you're out). SURVIVOR PICK EM GROUP Group ID#: 7655 Group Password: fireroger Link: NT PICK EM (ATS)...
  19. DeadsetAce

    ***OFFICIAL 2017 BOSTON RED SOX SEASON THREAD*** - #TunnelVision

    Late pass on this thread. But we're off and running in 2016 and off to a decent start (offensively :lol ) Depth Chart: Lineup: Post up your thoughts, concerns, predictions...Go Sox! @NooEra thanks for the reminder
  20. DeadsetAce


    was a pretty solid season, all things considered. team dealt with a ton of injuries and still made it to the AFCCG. but it's time to start looking at gearing up for the next year and filling holes and strengthening this roster. list of our FA's: post up your thoughts on the season, areas...
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