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  1. nikeotaku

    The Running Thread: Shoe reviews and tips

    I wanted to make a thread so people could discuss running and share tips on what they do. I've been a long time casual runner and recently trying to find new shoes I was overwhelmed by the amount of info you have to go through just to find something for yourself. I wanted to get out of running...
  2. nikeotaku

    Jordan Brand: Rumors and Speculation Thread

    Wanted to make a thread where we can discuss unconfirmed rumors or info that filters down through the grapevine. Also a place where we can speculate in which direction JB will go next. With the rise of social media there is just so much info out there, with that everything in here should be take...
  3. nikeotaku

    2016 Bred LC- Please and Thank you

    I'm almost certain I'm good but wanted to play it safe. The only thing I didn't like about them was that one toe box had tumbled and the other didn't, but I think I can get over it. Much appreciated for those who take the time to look, thank you.
  4. nikeotaku

    Jordan 1 Los Angeles Size 10

    For Sale Jordan 1 Los Angeles size 10, OG box and stickers included. Shoes are DS, and will be shipped double boxed. $250 shipped. 
  5. nikeotaku

    Legit Check Jordan 1 Chicago

    I'm pretty confident these are real, but you can never be too careful. Thanks in advance!
  6. nikeotaku

    NikeTalk Complaint Department

    We all love sneakers, or we wouldn't be here, but sometimes there are things that annoy you. I thought I would make a thread where we could vent some of our frustrations.  I'll go first. Wearing sweatpants in public. I don't care how comfortable they are stop wearing them. It looks slovenly. 
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