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  1. elpablo21

    Down in Miami @ Club LIV trying to stay Faithful but these o's love Bosa | Pat's gonna pass doe..Nah, That ain't it Chief | 49ers v. Chiefs | SB LIV |

    All Red err'thang Bowl Andy Reid gets his chance again Shanny Jr. to exorcise SB demons Air it Out vs. All Gas Defense Kermit vs. GQ @aNYone @junglejim @moe200069 @dland24 @cedric ceballos @danikerhino @ii flash ii @Christian Pulisic @reaperslilbruh @langfor5
  2. elpablo21

    King Henry & his Titans March on House Arrowhead, But Don't Try to Act GQ Jimmy..The AR is accurate when the Pack Sees Red | AFC-NFC #CHAMPIONSHIPS 🏈

    Well Here it is Gents and Gentettes Final Four Time @aNYone @junglejim @moe200069 @dland24 @cedric ceballos @danikerhino @ii flash ii @Christian Pulisic @sole searchin @tennhouse2 @dasitmane @johnny rico @AZwildcats @clyde the glide @sonoftony @Retroballer @fraij da 5 11...
  3. elpablo21

    The Hateful Eight | NFL DIVISIONAL ROUND 🏈 |

    **** half the teams still left but let's get it on. Gonna be a **** show of epic proportions @100027 @BuddyHield @DB Cooper @DsLee @jayt1202 @JCMojica24 @illphillip @dmbrhs @Sinner @l knicks fresh knick l @tee eye ehm @dontbelikethat @saksolaita @beacon ave south @Peep Game...
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    Birds of a Feather enter the Injury Tent Together and Sail'n with Vikings finna be a Brees | NFL WILDCARD SUNDAY 🏈 |

    Last game looked like ****, should we expect anything less this time around? Do we even have Saints Fans on here? EDIT: my bad King J. Ah well. Let the f'ery begin @100027 @BuddyHield @DB Cooper @DsLee @jayt1202 @JCMojica24 @illphillip @dmbrhs @Sinner @l knicks fresh knick l @tee eye...
  5. elpablo21

    Pats Press Record to Remember the Titans While Da Mafia dropping Bills on Tables in Texas | NFL WILDCARD SATURDAY 🏈 |

    Palpatine Belichick vs. His pupil Vrabel And Pull UP SZN is upon us @DeadsetAce @rolaholic @getback @Peep Game @JBII @rbk93 @finessesosa @sole searchin @statis22 @daruma @bonafide hustla @HTownsOwn84 @Humbled @jewbacca2 @rocketsfan @slimk4 @dline59 @blackxme @second2nonee @do work son...
  6. elpablo21

    🎵Pete and Crew..Mike Zimmer and his Cousin too..Russ with the best deep throw..But can they stop what's Cook'n with the Skol 🎵 | VIKINGS @ SEAHAWKS

    Another classic on the way in these NFC streets Major NFC West, NFC North implications on the line @651akathepaul @jpzx @carver @TipsyMcStagga @100027 @BuddyHield @DB Cooper @tee eye ehm @JCMojica24 @jayt1202 @DsLee @illphillip @dakid23 @Peep Game @blackintellect @l knicks fresh knick l
  7. elpablo21

    Russ gonna light up some Sherm tonight and when that Rush hits? All Gas, No Brakes: **SEAHAWKS @ 49ERS | A MNF AFFAIR**

    Restore the feeling szn is upon us No love lost, let's ****ing go @100027 @jayt1202 @BuddyHield @dakid23 @DB Cooper @tee eye ehm @DsLee @Peep Game @aNYone @junglejim @Christian Pulisic @lightweight champion @niketalker23 @danikerhino
  8. elpablo21

    Steal a Whole Plane brehs vol. Real Life GTA

    Airport employee stole a plane at SeaTac here not too long ago Cliffnotes on the audio Full Dispatch Audio:
  9. elpablo21

    Mass Shooting in Texas Church - Initial Reports 27 Dead/24 Injured

    Insane :smh: RIP to the lives lost edit: shooter identified
  10. elpablo21

    SUPER BOWL 50 Thread | Broncos win 3rd Lombardi | Von Miller MVP | Coldplay Kilt it |

    VS.   VS. HALFTIME SHOW Discuss
  11. elpablo21


    Finally MAIN EVENT 47-0 (26 by KO)                                                                                                       57 (38 by KO)-5-2                                                                              VS.  UNDERCARD TOP RANK...
  12. elpablo21

    Street Fighter - Assassin's Fist | Live- Action Web Series

    Enjoy.....Or Not  
  13. elpablo21

    We Could Be King: Sports Doc. April 26th on ESPN2

    First time hearing about this. But it looks like it'll be a great watch  
  14. elpablo21


    TVs Electronics Shoes Jewelry Gone...never felt so violated in my life
  15. elpablo21

    Need help in making the most trill/ratchet/hood mixtape Vol. Popped a Molly I'm Sweatin' Woo!

    I'm making a tape for a friend for the holidays. I'm not up to date on some stuff but I need the most ignant ish to put together. So what's currently out there ya'll mess with? Trinidad James Keef type ****
  16. elpablo21

    NT Ladies (and gents) I need HELP vol. Perfume reccomendations

    I'm trying to get some holiday shopping out the way early. Anybody have some good recommendations for perfumes
  17. elpablo21

    Gun in your hand, Zombies at your whats your iPod playing?

    Young Chris - Miss My N_s
  18. elpablo21

    Unknown Cute Girls from Random Commercials vol. What's her name? 8o

    This thread is dedicated to the random obscure bettys you see in commercials T-mobile girl Wendy's NT thick girl from the Jennie-O's commercial trying to get her healthy eat on Coke Zero girl Post yours
  19. elpablo21

    90's Teen Flicks Appreciation Vol. Nostalgic Guilty Pleasures

    Some classic **** right here. Post some of your favs bros
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