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  1. secretlover

    AIrbrush NOOB questions

    Just picked me up an Iwata set from a local shop (TCP global )  yesterday and have a few questions; -Are there any sites I should visit? -Do you use forums? -Is it all about practice? -Gravity feed .35mm a good starter? I'd like to be able to swap out colors easier so a bottom feeder is on...
  2. secretlover

    SecretLOVERS touches

    Just going to make a thread and update. Constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome.   As you'll be able to tell, I just like making adjustments. No crazy details as of now. I will be airbrushing eventually but, to me, J's n Nike's are usually just a little off. I would normally change...
  3. secretlover

    SoCal Baby Clothing (&kids sizes)

    Onesies, hoodies, hats, tees, tutus, jerseys, and more! Would match up great with a little sneakerhead.
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