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  1. feli26

    Donald Trump is running for president

    Those people are the ones who shouldn't vote
  2. feli26

    Donald Trump is running for president

    You're right. But immigration will always be a problem. In the early 1900's it was all Europeans that would come to the USA which lead to the immigration acts of 1924 and the 1917 immigration act named Asiatic Barred Zone. Or the 1940's Braceros act that brought most Hispanics primarily Mexicans...
  3. feli26

    ❌‼️ This Thread is now CLOSED. NEW THREAD link on last page, been a great Year ❌‼️

    With the type of defense and keeper that PSG has, I doubt they'll even get fourth. Place them in bpl right now. Manchester City is struggling defensively without there man Kompany and when he's there, they're solid As for my top teams I'd place 1) Barca 2) Bayern 3) Juve 4) Atleti 5)...
  4. feli26

    Donald Trump is running for president

    But if you think about it, any other candidate is far better than Trump. Politicians in other countries are laughing at us because we actually have a serious candidate in Trump. I, to be honest, thought his balloon would've popped already and dropped out since last year. But that's not the case...
  5. feli26

    the thread about nothing...

    For reals
  6. feli26

  7. feli26

    the thread about nothing...

    Building something from scratch with your own two hands feels good :smokin
  8. feli26

    what little things do you do differently than other people?

    This, I have to be watching something either a movie, fav show or sporting event while I eat take out otherwise it doesn't feel the same
  9. feli26

    ❌‼️ This Thread is now CLOSED. NEW THREAD link on last page, been a great Year ❌‼️

    Waiting for that PSG v Chelsea game to start already. Zlatan v a bunch of babies :lol
  10. feli26

    the thread about nothing...

    The black gold trim looks nice, leaning towards the light blue/azure aqua blue
  11. feli26

    ⛔️ {Thread is NOW CLOSED. New Football Thread, Link on Last Page.}⛔️

    Any new news on the spanish league? I know its still suspended but have they made any attempts yet to negotiate?
  12. feli26

    Bulls offseason Thread

    Its now or never
  13. feli26

    ⛔️ {Thread is NOW CLOSED. New Football Thread, Link on Last Page.}⛔️

    Figo should be new president. Platini has given up already. Game tomorrow should be :Nthat. Honestly im expecting a Bayern thrashing but im also hoping for a Clasico Champions League Final
  14. feli26

    the thread about nothing...

    63 impala, any good ideas for a paint job?
  15. feli26

    Mad Men Season 7 Discussion Thread - Final Episodes - SERIES FINALE

    Gonna miss Mad Men. Pete and Trudy together again was well deserved for Pete and finally got what he was after. I also thought Don was getting beat up because he finally told someone the real story of what happened to him in Korea
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  17. feli26

    Americans got it all wrong with life, Europeans got it right with life

    This may just be the way people see the world differently. I mean i'm middle class. My dad teaches us to work hard. We have our own home down in SoCal and are currently remodeling it to add another room and a master. We have descent cars and we always travel. Been to mexico, texas, nevada, new...
  18. feli26

    Im Insecure Bro , Need Help #BeTAlife Drake Level 3

    If old things aren't working out, why not try something different. Change things up a bit
  19. feli26

    **Official Post Your Dog Thread**

    I have a Miniature Bull Terrier, 4 years old. He's a boy and quite hilarious they decided to name him Boy. So his name is Boy. Really active and likes to jump a lot. Friendly too but people always have that misconception that he jumps on you cus he's gonna bite you :{. Once he uses up all his...
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