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  1. Methodical Management

    Please join us in supporting

    Recently, we set up a community fundraising page for, one of the largest and most respected revolving bail funds in the United States. Bail funds not only help those who've been arrested while protesting systemic racism; they also serve public health by keeping those awaiting...
  2. Methodical Management

    Help us improve our community moderation.

    The global pandemic has changed life for all of us in ways both large and small. We spend more time at home and have become increasingly reliant on digital services. Countless parents are trying to juggle working from home or searching for work with increased childcare responsibilities...
  3. Methodical Management

    Thanks for helping us raise money for COVID-19 relief by buying NT gear!

    COVID-19 has affected all of us in one way or another - but it has not affected all of us equally. To try and help those most impacted by this devastating pandemic, we're teaming up once again with to raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts through the sale of NikeTalk gear...
  4. Methodical Management

    How to find and edit your forum posts.

    If you'd ever like to review or edit anything you've posted to our forums, this guide will help walk you through the process. To quickly view your most recent content, just click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen and select "my content." For a more comprehensive...
  5. Methodical Management

    Attention California Residents

    Beginning January 1st, 2020, NikeTalk will present all visitors accessing the site from California with data privacy options at the bottom of each page, pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act. These options will continue to appear on each page until you have decided to either accept or...
  6. Methodical Management

    Celebrate NikeTalk's 20th anniversary with us in Portland, OR, Saturday December 7th!

    Our community will celebrate its twentieth anniversary this December. To mark the occasion, @Nelson C , @HellaSteph, @jumpmanst, and other members of the NT family, including some Nike alums, will gather in Portland, OR in Saturday, December 7th. If you'd like to join them, check in and let...
  7. Methodical Management

    2019-2020 Washington Wizards Season Thread - Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here

    Groundhog Day It takes four playoff series wins to captures an NBA championship. Unfortunately for Ernie Grunfeld and the Washington Wizards, you have to win them all in the same season. In sixteen years, Ernie Grunfeld's Washington Wizards won exactly four playoff series, while compiling...
  8. Methodical Management

    Welcome to our updated site!

    Hey everyone, I'd like to thank those of you who were inconvenienced by last night's site update for your patience. Some final configurations are still being made, so please don't mind the dust. Now that we're back online, I'd like to give all of you a quick tour of some of the new features...
  9. Methodical Management

    Volunteers needed to test our new site update.

    As some of you already know, we've been working hard on a significant software update that will include at least one major feature request alongside several quality of life improvements. We're looking for 15-20 community members to help us test the update over the holiday weekend. If you're...
  10. Methodical Management

    Help us choose the color/design for our next NikeTalk t-shirt release.

    Thanks to the support of our fellow community members, our friends at @instyleshoes, @daruma, and @ecapcity, we raised over $4,000 for charity through last month's t-shirt and cap sales. Where do we go from here? That's up to you! If you'd like us to produce more NT merchandise, let us...
  11. Methodical Management

    NikeTalk New Era Snapback Hats + T-shirts NOW available on

    At long last, the highly anticipated black/red brim NikeTalk New Era snapback hats will go on sale at 1 PM EDT on Saturday, July 20th alongside our newly recreated black/white "Designer Roll Call" tees on The hats, cotton twill New Era 9Fifty snapbacks inspired by the...
  12. Methodical Management

    [April Fools] Limited Edition NikeTalk Fitted Hats Now Available for Pre-Order.

    Ever since the conclusion of NikeTalk's last fitted hat sale in 2014, I've been hearing the same question over and over: "When will NikeTalk release an app?" Every now and then, I'm also asked when we'll start making more fitted hats. Today, we finally have an answer. In honor of NikeTalk's...
  13. Methodical Management

    NikeTalk Live 2018 Panel Discussion - Check back soon for a video recap!

    Sorry we missed you. Check back soon for the recording! This year, our panel features @Nelson C, @ekin702, @eyes of hazel, among other guests at our live event in Las Vegas. Simply reply to this thread to submit a question for our panel and stay tuned for the live thread beginning at 5 PM EST...
  14. Methodical Management

    2018-2019 Washington Wizards Season Thread - FREEDOM!

    Washington Wizards 2018-2019 Regular Season Record 11-18 October DateOpponentTimeResult10/18/18Miami8:00 PML 113-11210/20/18Toronto7:00 PML 117-11310/22/[email protected] Portland10:00 PMW 125-12410/24/[email protected] Golden State10:30 PML 122-14410/26/[email protected] Sacramento10:30 PML 112-11610/28/[email protected] L.A. Clippers9:30 PML...
  15. Methodical Management

    Today is National Voter Registration Day in the US

    In anticipation of the crucial midterm elections in the United States on Tuesday, November 6th, we'd like to share a few links and resources to make sure everyone is able to exercise their right to vote. If you are not currently registered to vote, take a moment to do so now:
  16. Methodical Management

    Join us for NikeTalk Live 2018, Sunday November 4th in Las Vegas.

    On Sunday, November 4th, we'll be holding a community meetup event, NikeTalk Live, at Rhythms Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is expected to run from noon to 4pm, but, if the previous event offers any indication, may run a bit longer. Guests can look forward to an experience...
  17. Methodical Management

    Thank you for helping NikeTalk sponsor a Room to Read library in India!

    At NikeTalk, we believe that we're stronger together than we ever could be separately. As a community, we've donated over $360,000 for charity from our advertising revenues - and raised an additional $35,000 through merchandising and group fundraising events. Thus far, we've contributed to a...
  18. Methodical Management

    Planning NikeTalk Live 2018 - Las Vegas or New York?

    Just about two years ago, we held out first official live meetup event, NikeTalk Live 2016, at Wikia's offices in San Francisco. Those unfamiliar with the event can check out the previous thread for details and reactions, but, in essence, our objective was to host a low key, invite-only hangout...
  19. Methodical Management

    Washington Wizards 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Washington Wizards 2017-2018 Regular Season Record 43-39 October 4-2 DateOpponentTimeResult10/18/17Philadelphia7:00 PMW 115-12010/20/17Detroit7:00 PMW 111-11510/23/[email protected] Denver9:00 PMW 109-10410/25/[email protected] L.A. Lakers10:30 PML 99-10210/27/[email protected] Golden State10:30 PML 117-12010/29/[email protected] Sacramento6:00 PMW...
  20. Methodical Management

    A New Bill Threatens Speech on NikeTalk and other Internet Platforms - SESTA is the new SOPA.

    Today, Congress held a hearing on a new bill called "SESTA," or Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, an ostensibly well intended piece of legislation that, if enacted, could pose a grave threat to communities like ours. Like all online communities, NikeTalk relies on section 230 of the...
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