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  1. Sir San Diego

    CRAZY STORIES celebrity addition

    Post em. Bonus: A Few Classics
  2. Sir San Diego

    The Lion King was a RIPOFF?! Say it ain't so...

    Feel free to post more pop culture rip offs that are more popular than the original intellectual property.
  3. Sir San Diego

    Police Admits "We Only Kill Black People"

    **** the police.
  4. Sir San Diego

    Now That I'm Dominican... My Very Accurate Ancerstry Test Results!!!

    I just wanted my NT brothers to know it's confirmed, I'm Dominican. Test results are in. I don't know how I'm going to let the black folks in my family know I'm better than them, but I'm starting Spanish lessons tomorrow and I'll probably say it to them en Espanol so it doesn't sting as...
  5. Sir San Diego

    2050 And Beyond... The Face of World Is Changing

    I came across an interesting article that, if accurate, means our children and grandchildren will grow up in a very different world than we did...
  6. Sir San Diego

    Marvel Contest of Champions... let's start an Alliance

    Anyone else playing this? I just reached level 17. Time to gang up for some quests. Anyone have an alliance yet?
  7. Sir San Diego

    24 Legacy

    So far, so good. Anyone else watching? Didn't think I'd last a whole hour. But I'm in.
  8. Sir San Diego

    R.I.P Ricky Harris aka Tadow

    R.I.P 2016 man... :{
  9. Sir San Diego

    Bruhs with kids in a different state. I need some testimonials. Come on in.

    Long story short, I've been offered an opportunity in AZ where my state income taxes would be cut to a third of what I currently pay and my cost of living would be half of what it is in San Diego. I can put more money away, eventually buy the type of home that I want and set my daughters up to...
  10. Sir San Diego

    Coworker MURDERED by husband...

    I worked with her for almost two years. Real down to Earth. She lived a few miles away from me too. Dude shot her in front of her 5 and 1 year old sons. Rumor has it that she was having an affair and was even taking her side dude to company events. The whole office is in shock. Crazy...
  11. Sir San Diego

    GET OUT -- New horror film about black man meeting white gf's parents. Looks creepy.

    Looks like a winner. I love horror movies and this one... well, some of us have been in similar situations, minus the murder. My dude "Darius" is coming up in the game. 8o
  12. Sir San Diego

    POWERBALL SCANDAL: Vol. Can We Get A Refund Around This *****?

    Funny how this is being swept under the rug and the news came out right before Christmas. 8o >D
  13. Sir San Diego

    A.F.R.O. -- that kid is niiiiiiiice

    Just found out about this dude. Discovered online and now working with DJ Premier and others. Hopefully he puts out a dope project. His freestyles are crazy. Anyone got a mixtape by this dude?
  14. Sir San Diego

    Blacks Less Likely To Sell Drugs, Much More Likely To Be Arrested For It: Study Blacks Less Likely To Sell Drugs, Much More Likely To Be Arrested For It: Study Let's discuss it.
  15. Sir San Diego

    Article: America Is Not For Black People... Thoughts?

    I don't know if it's social media spotlighting all of these cases of racism lately or after 36 years on this planet I somehow expected black people's lives to get better than, not the same as they have been for a long time, but I'm really starting to wonder why we, as a people, are still here...
  16. Sir San Diego

    MANNIE FRESH x YASIIN BEY aka Mos Def "OMFGOD" The Album

    When I first hear this mentioned over a year ago, I was like. Nah... It'll never happen. Glad I was wrong. FIrst track: "Let's Go" And just to get you ready, here's a DOPE interview with Mannie Fresh done by NPR's Microphone Check. He first previews the track there btw...
  17. Sir San Diego

    LIFE LESSONS, 2013 vol. each one teach one

    What's up NT? So we're almost done with another year and with all of the threads that pop up asking for advice throughout the year, I figured we can compile some lessons that maybe other NTers can benefit from that you learned in 2013. In the words of Jay Z, "[NT] did that, so hopefully you...
  18. Sir San Diego

    NEW CAM'RON INTERVIEW that gives some credibility to WISEPHARAOH's claims...

    Good interview overall, but peep around 18:58... 8o and listen to dude drop some gems. Glad he cleared up the Vado thing and some other issues. But really what he says about black businesses is further proof of what people like WISEPHARAOH and some other cats have said on here before...
  19. Sir San Diego

    The Official Off Brand Kicks, Gear and Embarrassment Thread (share your shame, it's all love)

    I'm already anticipating the obvious "you should just be happy that your father bought you new kicks" side of this argument, but let's keep it all the way real, whether your folks did you a solid or not by keeping new shoes on your feet, sometimes the ridicule that came with the shoes was hard...
  20. Sir San Diego

    San Diego gangster reflects on 35 years of banging (That's Life and Life's Not Easy)

    San Diego Reader is a free magazine published weekly and its found all over the city. I've been picking it up for years, but have never felt moved by any of their stories as much as I was by this one. I'm not originally from San Diego but I have a lot of family here and visited enough between...
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