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  1. jewseejay

    The reparations thread. Finally?

    Thoughts? Discuss
  2. jewseejay

    Should African Americans start their own "4th of July" ?

    Should we stop messing with the 4th and start our own Juneteenth traditions? Discuss I think so
  3. jewseejay

    Forum Traffic...

    Whats good with the #s Meth? seems slow... I remember a time when youd post something and itd be immeadiately be 10 topics down because so many posters is everyone jus lurking now? be curious to see the posts per minute since the site change
  4. jewseejay

    FS: Jordan Retro XI "Cool Grey" sz 11 $120 shipped

    Not 100% sure which run these are from, 5 plus years ago though for sure. Ive worn these innumerable times but they have many manyyy wears left. Naturally yellowed soles Condition 7/10 Shipping will be USPS insured Payment will be Venmo or Paypal [email protected] 814 330 4173
  5. jewseejay

    FS: Jordan Retro 3 (Bred) Beaters $100shipped sz 11

    These are the like 5 years ago release. Ive worn these innumerable times. Air unit 100% in tack Peeling and cracking everywhere on the midsole. If you like the vintagey J look these have many hundreds of wears left. 5/10 Shipping will be USPS insured Payment will be Venmo or Paypal...
  6. jewseejay

    FS: Jordan Retro 3 "True Blue" sz 10.5 $160 shipped

    This past season run, wore a couple times but for some reason I bought 2 pairs and almost never wear Js anymore. Condition 9/10 Shipping to be USPS standard Insured Payment to be Venmo'd or Paypal [email protected] 814 330 4173
  7. jewseejay

    FS: Jordan Retro 13 "Jesus Shuttlesworth" Sz11 $120 shipped

    Shoes are not cleaned in order to prevent any potential disagreements on condition. They are worn but well maintained. There is one black smudge on the back of the left show clearly shown in photo. It will likely wipe right off but again these shoes are UNTOUCHED from a storage bin. 8/10...
  8. jewseejay

    Have Jordans jumped the shark?

    All the fly guys are rockin Yeezys now a days it seems. I imagine theyll always be a hood staple but i think they might be played out in the mainstream fashion culture I say this because i woke up this a.m to finish up some christmas shopping and noticed true blue 3s are not only sitting but...
  9. jewseejay

    Education bubble imploding... vol. I know kung fu

    So going to school is going to be obsolete in the future...
  10. jewseejay

    Global Deflationary Crisis?

    Royal Bank of Scotland telling anyone who will listen to pretty much sell everything and were about to have another 2008... Black Shemitah?
  11. jewseejay

    Lets talk about Martin Shkreli....

    32 year old CEO of his third company Best know for monopoly on Cancer drug and raising the price like 1000 % since that time... -purchased 1 of 1 Wu tang CD none of us can listen to for 100 years for 2 million dollars -attemped to bail out Bobby Shmurda  -raided today by FBI for securities...
  12. jewseejay

    Black students fleeing Mizzou

    According to students there were several mobs of people roaming campus chanting white power... many death threats Close the school awhile. Expell students that think freedom of speech means you can make terroristic threats
  13. jewseejay

    New York man pretends to be a doctor for three years before getting his card pulled... three years... 3 years t h r e e yearssss. Cliffs ======= pretended to be clinical psychologist seeing 9/11 victims and even doing in home visits no credentials whatsoever...
  14. jewseejay

    Anyone ever been stabbed in the back by their boss/supervisor?

    Im assuming some have... how did you deal with it? Cliffs of my story: Got an exception granted to put in for a new position from my boss... She explicitly states she doesnt wanna lose me but understands I have goals and aspirations and feels Im rdy Its crunchtime for picking the winning...
  15. jewseejay

    Why did I not know about the Black Wall Street massacre until two days ago?

    When i was watchin that chick on Arsenio... Im black. Im college educated. I know a fair amount about history in general in comparison to my peers (i think anyway). My grandpops was one of those Farakhan types ideaologicaly (he died the day i turned 19 rip) Ive been thinking about it since...
  16. jewseejay

    2015 New Year(s) PYP Vol. New Faces

    8o 8o Dont make fun of my big nostrils and maybe this wont be locked :smokin 8o
  17. jewseejay

    Obligatory Xmas tree and presents photos...

    Anyone else struggle with these? I never know what to do... Are these people fishing for likes or jus tryna style on us? Some of them are legitimately impressive but at least half are straight struggle... Like are you showing off "how much" u got ur kids reallly? There might be ten things...
  18. jewseejay

    Any NTers ever take out a personal loan? HELP

    So im gunna pop the question finally to my old lady and starting to realize my bull headed approach to spending as little as possible on an engagment ring is just not gunna fly hah in light of this i decide to take out a small personal loan. Now im only talkin 5k or so and have pretty good...
  19. jewseejay

    Murder still plausible course of action for angry White men. The movie theatre murderer is out on Bond. Cliffs ======= Man is texting young daughter at movies Old white guy doesnt like it and starts confrontation. Old guy then throws popcorn at texter Gets told...
  20. jewseejay

    Where are Angela and Vanessa Simmons?

    These chicks blew it man. How they didnt become the black Kardashians is beyond me. (not thay should aspire to be besides their buisness acumen) Runs house was a decent show with a decent following. They then start a clothing line. Then they disappear from the face of the Earthhh. Edit: a...
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