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  1. mrswagtastic

    NTers who are still in school, I need a new backpack

    Sup fellas I was in need of a new backpack for school. I was looking for more of a laid back style, not sporty or anything crazy. I was actually looking into one of those swiss army style backpacks. Anyone own any cool and functional backpacks they would like to share and recommend? thanks
  2. mrswagtastic

    NT readers, put me on some good reading

    What's up NT, any good book series you guys are reading right now? I've been reading the Game of Thrones series and my friend told me to check out the Hunger Games series. Any suggestions?
  3. mrswagtastic

    NT..what drives you?

    I know we all got our issues we have to deal with each day, and I know not everything goes the way it's planned, but when you guys feel like you hit a wall, or rock bottom for that matter, what makes you pick yourself back up and try again? (real talk, I'm trying to keep myself motivated as I go...
  4. mrswagtastic

    NT recommend me some headphones

    Don't know if this is the proper thread, but I'm in need of some new headphones. What would you guys suggest and what do most of you guys use for your ipod/laptop? I'm mostly going to be using them when I'm on campus or just chilling. Thanks
  5. mrswagtastic

    21+ers. What are your favorite mixed drinks?

    So NT what mixed drinks do you guys like to order at the bars?
  6. mrswagtastic

    Best places to find good deals for hotels?

    Trying to book a room for Vegas. Any suggestions on where I can find some good deals?
  7. mrswagtastic

    Basketball shooting drills

    What's good NT, can anyone recommend any good shooting drills? I usually have one of my friends spot me while I shoot from areas I would mostly shoot in a game situation, but I was wondering if there were any good drills I could do myself to build up a quicker release. I also wanted to get...
  8. mrswagtastic

    Kid Ink?

    Anybody listen to his stuff? I've listened to some of that Daydreamer tape and couldn't find a thread on him here on NT. What do you guys think of him?
  9. mrswagtastic

    Getting a credit card??

    What's up NT fam. As surprising as it might sound, I'm 21 and I don't have a credit card. But every time I try to get one, my sisters or cousins advise me to stay away from one until I graduate or get a stable job. Right now I'm working a part time job so I get about 20 hours or so a week. From...
  10. mrswagtastic

    Tips on Beating the Zone Defense in Basketball

    What's up NT. For those of you who've played against a zone defense, preferably a 2-3 zone, what tips and advice could you give me? I joined a rec league where a lot of teams use the 2-3 zone.
  11. mrswagtastic

    Mini road trip to Vegas. Any suggestions for a playlist?

    What's up NT me and some friends are heading to Vegas next weekend and we'll be on the road for 5+ hours or so. Just wondering if you guys had any suggestions for any songs I should add to my playlist for the road?
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