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  1. m0b deep

    Anything helps.

    What's up fam,   Im coming on here to ask y'all for a favor. My girlfriend's house caught on fire earlier this morning and lost everything. If you guys can help pitch in anything just so they can get back on their feet. Anything helps, guys. If you can't donate anything please spread the link...
  2. m0b deep

    Girl Problem Thread Help Me My NT Fam UPDATE 3/25/10

    She has a kid.. RUN!!!!!
  3. m0b deep

    Nordstrom Rack returns..

    I had bought some shoes a couple months ago at footlocker. Worn them only ONE time.. they still look brank new, and now i need to return them because i am inneed of money fast! Now i DO NOT have the original receipt because its been soo long since ive bought them that i lost it. Soo my...
  4. m0b deep

    Joe's Crab Shack

    Im heading out in about a hour. So can you guys tell me whats the best thing to get on the menu?
  5. m0b deep

    Sonics Appreciation Vol. Double Cheeseburger. (PICS)

    So my friends and I decided to go to sonics for our first time, and had to drive 30 minutes but was worth it! I had the double cheeseburger meal and a chilicheese hotdog
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