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  1. heliumclinton

    is food really killing us? vol. vegan

    I was listening to Combat Jack and he had Russell Simmons talking that vegan stuff and then it just got me thinking Real talk my mom died at 55 young as f IMO from cancer and I been shook every since then. Do you really think the hormone infested animals we eat are the reason for the spike in...
  2. heliumclinton

    What is not being attracted to a skin color called? vol preference, prejudice, or racist?

    I'm serious too not really a bait thread If you are not attracted to white women/men or black women/men, are you racist?
  3. heliumclinton

    Confident or Creepy vol when is enough

    Ok are these text just helping a woman realize she needs to be with you or are you just making a chick uncomfortable treading creeper status? Would you suggest this approach to men when trying to converse with a woman?
  4. heliumclinton

    Woman chooses death date vol. is this right

    When doctors told Brittany Maynard that her days were numbered due to a progressive brain tumor, the 29-year-old decided to take charge of her life, reported. Maynard has chosen November 1 as the day she will die...
  5. heliumclinton

    thoughts on having kids with no intention on marriage?

    Saw this discussion on Twitter where women had multiple babies with the same guy but didn't want to rush into marriage because it's too serious. Anybody else feel like that? Where having babies with someone is less serious than marriage, can you explain that thought process? I'm not talking...
  6. heliumclinton

    NT Theorists come in vol: ideas

    Over the weekend my younger cousin passed away in a car crash upstate When the cops first spoke to us they said there were 3 ppl in the car, 2 dead on impact and 1 on life support. Now it came out...
  7. heliumclinton

    Any thoughts on this Halloween costume?

    What is wrong with people?
  8. heliumclinton

    RIP Jett Jackson

    dude is only 3 years older than me :{ :{ "LEE THOMPSON YOUNG Ex-Disney Superstar DEAD, POSSIBLE SUICIDE Lee Thompson Young -- who played the main character on Disney's "The Famous Jett Jackson -- has died after what officials believe is a suicide ... TMZ has learned. He was 29. Sources...
  9. heliumclinton

    anybody watch hotdamnirock on YT?

    dude been called out for stealing Patrice O' Neal's material word for word :lol :lol people lack creativity these days man
  10. heliumclinton

    NT bros with Time Warner

    they took away our CBS and Showtime :{
  11. heliumclinton

    car accident?

    Got into a car accident at a 4 way stop. I believe it may be my fault but the cops didn't say, haven't got the accident report yet. I have full coverage so I'm not worried about getting my car fixed but the other driver ended up get arrested on the scene for a suspended license, am I still...
  12. heliumclinton


    pause, anybody do that? I did it recently then had sex .. felt uncomfortable pelvic area extra sore :lol anybody think it's suspect to have a 0 down there?
  13. heliumclinton

    Black woman tells dogs to attack white news reporter

    An ABC6 crew was on assignment in Providence when they were assaulted in broad daylight. It started with a simple question that led to a violent response. The crew was on Public Street in Providence, attempting to get reaction from the mother of the teenage girl who was shot at a graduation...
  14. heliumclinton

    NT this is a man vol: getting out of control

    and the pic that gets me the most .. :{ :{ :{
  15. heliumclinton

    Does age matter?

    This stems from this I turn 27 in Feb and I really can't imagine myself with a 21 year old. I already have a degree, stable career, what can a 21 yr old bring to the table for me beside new yambs? Plus my younger sister is 21 :{ So does age matter? Or as long as they're legal it's cool?
  16. heliumclinton

    Anybody care about the 'minority' supporting Romney?

    Like this
  17. heliumclinton

    Social Security Conspiracy Theory?

    If you're black the two middle numbers are even? If you're white the two middle numbers are odd? I'm curious to see if the hispanics who claim they aren't black numbers are even mine is 80 btw
  18. heliumclinton

    Did Ye' make Amber Rose?

    Flex did a interview with Kanye West and dude said "I took her straight from the stripclub to Paris"  Flex called her a @%# Amber got "hurt" and responded with God bless @funkmasterflex hope u could put urself in my shoes before u are so judge mental next time. 18 minutes...
  19. heliumclinton

    NT, what's your opinion on buying a rental car?

    Good? Bad? Would you do it?
  20. heliumclinton

    NT, what kind of health insurance do you have?

    I got injured a year ago and got Medicaid/SSI but I got a recent examination and it was determined that I no longer need SSI it'll stop in Jul. 2010 so what health insurance do you have?
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