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  1. jpthe3

    Call Of Duty:Black Ops 3 PS4 NT Tournament

    Hello, I havent been posting in a long time but Ive been lurking everyday. But anyways, in my opinion this game is garbage :x it has its pros but it has so many cons. To some of yall it could be a good game, to some it isnt. But lets not be try hards, lets just have some fun NT. Thats why I...
  2. jpthe3

    hello niketalk

    Hows everybkyds tga ksfiving going ? I hope everyones alrite ??
  3. jpthe3

    To all my dudes on niketalk !

    Yo… it's been a rough and different week… But I'm still growing up starting to realize the real in this world… It's rough, but I still keep my head up… For me tho cause I ain't know what y'all been up to… Anyways, I just wanna say, aye it's Friday ! It's spring break ! And cause of that...
  4. jpthe3


    Ham and cheese Hawaii
  5. jpthe3

    Japanese Ricer VIP Convention! aka Hot Wheels

    sorry if im late but this is hilarious 
  6. jpthe3


    Everything unicorn . So beautiful for unicorn products go here :
  7. jpthe3

    ...gnihton tuoba daerht eht

    Like foreals .. that thread has taken a life of its own , 
  8. jpthe3


    SUP LATE NIGHT FAM .. I just deleted my facebook . I gotta wait about 14 days tho so it can be permanently deleted but its all good , I wont go back, I been getting into some $#^% and for a n my age in these times and days is rough  I was born in the wrong era. Im disgusted with my...
  9. jpthe3

    the weather

    pretty chill..
  10. jpthe3

    What happens if I send a GROUP MMS ? on iphone ?

    Okay so I sent these 2 girls a group mms text !  I wrote " Hello goodafternoon , damn its hot af ! I wanted to send these 2 girls the same text , so they could reply and we could go from there for both messages but Im on iphone and its my moms phone so im not familiar with it but what is...
  11. jpthe3

    I'm in Las Vegas right now , what to do besides walking the strip?

    Im just tryna relax out at night , post up real quick . Where at ?
  12. jpthe3


  13. jpthe3

    Smh I dont get it tho ?

    Like how could that happen ? smh , why would he go ahead and do that tho ? Like why would they even let him do that ? Plus he had red lobster that night and got laid , what else more would he want ? Like on the real , I dont think he should get married , truth is im gay , and your not but in...
  14. jpthe3

    Yo I love you guys

    Im really happy I can post again , i missed the feeling of posting.. Im not really upset about the whole layout and everything , Im just glad niketalk is on its own now and im really really glad I see people from og nt on here and that mkes me really happy , i also see banned people posting and...
  15. jpthe3

    Jordan Dunking At The Playground [ Tshirt ]

    I found my dads old jordan dunking at a playground t shirt ! Does anybody know the official name for this shirt and what year it was released ? I seen a thread were this shirt was brought up but ive seen alot that looked differently than my shirt ! Why are there 2 different ? Also is this worth...
  16. jpthe3

    Ayee check out my boy PHORA ! Mixtape drops today!

    Dude is fresh , has a flow , I dig his songs  Check out the youtube channel ! Check out the facebook! Get this due famous , burn out the songs! 
  17. jpthe3


    My name is Andrew im 15 Male , got no school , no nothing.. All I do is wake up and just stay home , facebook , call of duty , and its getting kinda boring . i want something new , smoething better.  I want to make quick cash , doesnt matter , like a couple hundred bucks? Im willing to work .. I...
  18. jpthe3

    Niketalk fam is appreciated!

    I read that niketalk swag list and it gave me an idea about how much I thank all of you Nt fam and  how I appreciate you guys , I know yall dont like reading long post so I put it in a spoiler just in case you guys want to read. [/spoiler] Cliffs : Im 15 , I appreciate Niketalk , I learned so...
  19. jpthe3

    Digital Drugs? iDoser- High off the computer.;disp_order=1&page=1 Do these actually work? Anybody try it? I looked some videos up on youtube but idk sounds kinda fishy. Somebody try
  20. jpthe3

    jordan 1s patent? *PIC*

    The whites with unc does is come with made in Taiwan??
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