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  1. Comparison Ford

    Herman Cain Dies From COVID-19 at Age 74
  2. Comparison Ford

    Washington NFL Team Finally Drops Name
  3. Comparison Ford

    NT Poker Club (a project in the works)

    Been getting into Texas Hold 'Em heavy as of late. Thought it might be fun to arrange some online games on Bluff Ave at various times throughout the week. Play money (for now, at least), but just another way to shoot the **** and have some fun. Post if interested and I'll try to coordinate...
  4. Comparison Ford

    Ya boi is going to Amsterdam

    Leaving on the 29th and spending the week there. Anyone got recommendations (food, night life, "must see" attractions, :nthat:, etc.)?
  5. Comparison Ford

    Roommate Moving Out Mid-Lease: NT Tenant Lawyers check in

    Sup, NT. Posted this in TAN, but I'm looking to get a little more insight (hopefully from a qualified source) as to how I should effectively navigate this issue: Any help is appreciated.
  6. Comparison Ford

    Construction Workers Catch a Thief

    There seems to be some controversy surrounding this video. Was this warranted? Me personally? I'm not really all that mad about it. The "detainment" might be OD, but it's hard for me to be overly sympathetic for him when he was caught in the dude's truck.
  7. Comparison Ford

    Anyone ever lose a friend after moving in with them? Vol. Debbie Downer

    What's good, NT.  It's ya boy Comparison Ford and I got a problem.  I got an apartment with a longtime friend (20+) years last summer and it's been a slow downward spiral ever since.  I made a post about it in The Depression Thread at the end of last year that will give you some insight to his...
  8. Comparison Ford

    Discipline or Child Abuse? Vol. Boxing Your Son

    This video has been circulating around them internets over the past 24 hours.  Figured it'd make for an interesting discussion on NT. Personally I'm of the opinion that this is child abuse regardless of the father's intent....but I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks.
  9. Comparison Ford

    Hawaii Becomes First State to Raise Smoking Age to 21 Thoughts on this? I'm indifferent.  Not really a smoker, but don't care if others do it.  I just have my doubts that the law will actually accomplish anything considering the majority of smokers start a few years before they're...
  10. Comparison Ford

    FDNY Drops Physical Test Amid Low Female Hiring Rate
  11. Comparison Ford

    Hannibal Buress Calls Bill Cosby Out

    For those that don't know, Bill Cosby has been accused of sexually assaulting at least 13 women.  Hannibal decided it was time to air him out:  He makes a great point, though.  Dude talks down to black people for doing trivial things like sagging their pants and still thinks he can portray...
  12. Comparison Ford

    Possible Northern Lights Showing for Northern Half of the United States Tonight (09/12) Best viewing time is supposed to be around midnight in each respective time zone.
  13. Comparison Ford

    Aphex Twin Announces New Album SYRO Via the Deep Web "A green blimp  with the number '2014' and the Aphex Twin  logo appeared in London's skies this weekend. The Aphex Twin logo then appeared all over New York City. Go ahead and get full-on excited about that...
  14. Comparison Ford

    Do you find this as upsetting as I do? (Gender Identity and the Royal Baby)
  15. Comparison Ford

    Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA Vol: IN B4 NINJAHOOD

    By  STEPHANIE CONDON / CBS NEWS/  June 26, 2013, 10:05 AM Supreme Court strikes down DOMA Gay rights advocate Vin Testa waves a rainbow flag in front of the Supreme Court at sun up in Washington, Wednesday, June 26, 2013. Justices are expected to hand down major rulings on two gay marriage...
  16. Comparison Ford

    A Gentlemen's Discussion of Retro Video Games (Super NES/Genesis Era and Earlier)

    As of last week, the local watering hole by my house decided to remove the pool table from the back of the bar and line the walls with retro arcade games.  While this move has been met with much controversy, I'm in full support of the decision.  After blowing my life savings on the Teenage...
  17. Comparison Ford

    Now Usually I Don't Do This But Uh....Go 'Head On, Break Em Off With A New National Anthem
  18. Comparison Ford

    Forced to Write a Statement Against a Coworker? Help me out, NT.

    About 2 weeks ago, one of my friends at work got written up for being late on Christmas.  He's been written up a bunch (all due to excessive latenesses) so they were threatening to terminate him, until he said to our supervisor that he thinks it's insane that his job is on the line when there's...
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