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  1. cguy610

    Brands that embrace diversity

    As I'm watching the NBA games today, I'm noticing such a huge disparity between the NBA in their coverage of of MLK Day in the way they are celebrating MLK Day while I don't even think the NFL mentioned it. The NBA did a whole pregame show about MLK, they have banners up at the game, apparel...
  2. cguy610


    This thread has ran its course and can be deleted.
  3. cguy610

    Official "The Equalizer" Movie Thread - Releases 9/26 (Man on Fire Part 2?)

    I just saw the preview to this today. Looks so ill. :smokin
  4. cguy610

    The Case for Reparations Vol. Race Forum
  5. cguy610

    Minority Car Buyers Pay Higher Interest Rates on Loans I just find it interesting and at the same time disappointing that these types of things continue to occur. :{
  6. cguy610

    Can anyone ID this Thriller remix here?

    I know this might be a little frowned upon to come in here with this question about ID'ing a song, but man this remix goes harder than probably any MJ remix I heard. It's at the 3:00 mark
  7. cguy610

    If Rihanna keeps up the current pace, will she go down as one of the GOATs?

    I'm talking like Prince, MJ, James Brown, Whitney, etc. Rihanna just tied Madonna for #1 singles. She making it look like it's easy for her to drop hit singles right now. We Found Love, Diamonds, Pour It Up :smokin She drops a new album every single year with major hits...
  8. cguy610

    Anyone on here been falsely accused of going through EZ-Pass without paying? Updated with evidence

    I use the PA turnpike every day to and from work. I always pay cash and go through the cash lanes. The other day, I receive a bill for $55 in the mail saying that I went through an EZ-Pass lane and did not pay the toll. They sent a picture of the back of my car showing just the very rear and...
  9. cguy610

    Is capitalism sustainable in the long run...

    The majority of people have a very low opinion of our government. Congress has low approval ratings. Are these just symptoms of a bigger problem, the failure of American capitalism. I say the failure of American capitalism because this system of capitalism is not true capitalism, it is...
  10. cguy610

    CEO Tells Workers He Will Fire Them If Obama Is Reelected and Raises His Taxes Vol. Class Warfare/V
  11. cguy610

    Campus officer kills naked freshman at University of South Alabama I guess the naked wrestler was so physically imposing that deadly force was justified from the cop's perspective?
  12. cguy610

    All the blame on the replacement refs vol. Is there an agenda?

    I see all these complaints about the replacement refs but the regular refs have blown just as many crucial calls. I can think of the Calvin Johnson TD where he didn't get up and hand the ball to the ref so it wasn't a TD. Normally, the commentators never criticize calls and try to act as if...
  13. cguy610

    US Soldiers Plotted To Assassinate Obama (News)

    At first I thought the story had to be fake but according to all these sources, the story is real
  14. cguy610

    what are the best club spots to go during the week?

    I'm going to be in the MD DC area all week. Looking for places that are popping during the week .
  15. cguy610

    Lawmakers debate Jay-Z lyrics on FL House Floor

    It's hilarious at how he corrected him an smiled afterwords. 
  16. cguy610

    Philly Soul Train Line Today, Feb 13th at 4pm in front of the Art Museum

    My tri-state people.  We gonna go for the Guinness world record.  I might attempt to hit a moonwalk down the whole line.   Holla at me if ya'll gonna be out there.
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