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    Happy Birthday solarius!

    you 'know' him, and if you don't you should. regardless, this thread is to give you all a chance to wish him well.  you're just a cool dude, and this is to wish you the best for your 27th (?) year on earth. good luck  edit: if someone beat me to it, just post the link ( i couldn't find anything)
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    NT whats your philosophy

    (inspired by the thread asking about MOB philosophy) 'pay attention, and never forget where your loyalty lies" personal ...and....hasn't failed me thus far.....
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    how are the resolutions coming

    i think this is around the time goals get people not so srs....... for me, it looks like everything is  looking up except.............. the profanity .......... any suggestions on how to slow down on it?
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    male athletes appreciation. females only.

     appreciating some of the best male athletes in every catagory. action shot + glamour shot. there are one too many female 'appreciation' threads.....we want something to look at i right shoefreakbaby? gatorbeltsandpattymelts? dwyane wade  VICTOR CRUZ MATT KEMP DANELL...
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    man uses physics to get out of $400 ticket...

    This article first ran in April and was one of the most popular stories from Motoramic in 2012. After it ran, the judge in the case said many of the physics arguments presented escaped her. A physicist at the University of California San Diego used his knowledge of measuring bodies in motion to...
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    changing history

    in light of an earlier thread about how a history major is useless, i wanted to point out why people still go for it. it is interesting, sad, intriguing, IMPORTANT, and so much more to know what the world has been through. i want to start a little game. a history game . world history. this...
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    ok NT I Confess

    i was going to hold it off till the new year to start things off fresh....but the more i post, the harder it is to keep it hidden. when i was lurking, i saw that most girls on here were given a 'special' treatment (to their responses/threads they make etc.) i decided to stay gender...
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    12/21/12 will it happen

    I personally dont believe it will.  wanted to ask people in real life if they feel the same way, but its kind of hard to get their TRUE opinion on it so, seeing as to how huge NT is, i want to do a poll.  very simple YES or  NO i dont care if you troll with your post, but pleas just give...
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    NT whats your strength?

    saw a quote that said; acknowledging your weakness can be your greatest strength. not knowing your greatest strength can be your fatal weakness.   then i realized i dont know of a strength of mine....i used to think it was patience (but then i got a job in customer service) strength can be...
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    i have seen a couple of posts about how 'hideous' someone looks (sarah j parker) by no means do i feel pity for her, because she has the money to do something about it. but, i really dislike it when people are made fun of for their physical shortcomings , so the question there a line u...
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    worst tats

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    i kinda know what im talking about now. just wanted to apologize for previous thread (that got deleted). not sure if i offended anyone. im done.
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    difference between posing and spending ...up

    lurked for a while.......(hi).... wanted to pose this question to niketalk members because of the dressing better thread/post your car thread.....this is in no way and attack on anyone, just trying to clarify what the diff is. to me, posing means making oneself out to look like...
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