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  1. MakeNTGreatAgain

    does anyone have the gif of anthony davis brow ? vol fly away

    does anyone have the gif of anthony davis brow turning into a bird and flying away??
  2. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Earthquake szn vol. y’all ready?

    The earthquakes this morning in LA got me thinking y’all got like a go to bagor something in case buildings start to crumble? I have nothing prepared :|
  3. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Dascha on the summerjam screen

    and her follow up I don't get her logic, she seems to be a big enough star to help her "community"
  4. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Lunch Money Fridaze vol. giving back

    woke up and wanted to do something nice in this world. drop ur paypal in the comments, first 10 people will get lunch money.
  5. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Name an album with better production than 808s n heartbrake

    listening to it tonight and the sounds that were procured by ye are just amazing melodies that are unrivaled. Give me something better to listen to GO!
  6. MakeNTGreatAgain

    if you could be any animal what would you be? Vol. Animorphs?

    I would choose eagle, been watching bird videos all morning and owls are cool because of their sounds, but man the way an eagle can eat so many different foods, they probably live a good life and i cant believe they have jobs where people record birds. sounds exciting for the animal u choose...
  7. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Dipset or G Unit

    Who was more influential?
  8. MakeNTGreatAgain

    quarantine friday night? vol what it do

    another night where we quarantining what are yall up too? My eyes are tired of looking at a screen by this time of the week so i picked up a book on information security.
  9. MakeNTGreatAgain


    just a reminder please whitelist your adblocker to allow niketalk ads. Site seems more active and i dont want them missing out on lost revenue for providing a platform for us to discuss issues during this time where a large majority of us are at home on the computer.
  10. MakeNTGreatAgain

    bigfoot vol. real or nah

    do you guys believe in bigfoot actually existing? apparently it was spotted
  11. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Toyo MiyatakeVolCapturing the Stories of Japanese Americans in L.A.

    Dude built his own camera inside the camp not even a 100 years ago.
  12. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Katie Hill Resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct with staffers Vol. Personal info leaked

    Link to news article do you guys think the culture needs to shift where it is acceptable to have open relationships with people who you work with? or should...
  13. MakeNTGreatAgain

    What makes you happy? Vol. it’s not money don’t cap

    What brings you happiness/joy? do you spend the majority of your time doing this? Or do u have a job that u don’t enjoy but provides means? How did you discover this makes you happy? If you don’t have anything that makes you happy why do you think that is? I’ll start, I am not sure what...
  14. MakeNTGreatAgain

    recommend me a super fly blanket vol. tryna be comfy for the winter

    looking for a super duper nice blanket looking forward to yall recommendations
  15. MakeNTGreatAgain

    How do you cleanse your mind? Vol. Formatting ur hard drive

    How do guys cleanse your mind of all the thoughts and clutter and get to a clean slate to start thinking more clearly? Is it a daily thing? Or something you do after a period of time? I want to hear techniques and ideas that fellow comrades use so we can share and see what works for different...
  16. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Death Vol. unavoidable, lets discuss

    Lets have a conversation about death as it is guaranteed for everyone. I guess we can start the discussion stating the definition of death Definition of death 1a : a permanent cessation of all vital (see vital sense 2a) functions : the end of life Im not doctor but to me Seems to...
  17. MakeNTGreatAgain

    i miss berg bruh

    legendary *** dude wish him peace
  18. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Happy Birthday Amy Adam's Vol. Baddie

    Happy birthday to a fine redhead
  19. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Starting a Business talk vol.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting a business(llc) in a state such as Wyoming vs ur home state? My home state is CA Is it mostly taxes and expenses saved? Or is there something I'm missing. For yall who own or deal with ppl with their own LLC I'd like to hear ur opinion...
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